METAL & HARD ROCK CAFE :- “Update your Metal playlist” 50 HEAD BANGING MUSIC!!!

Today is the d-day…. the metal day…. the day we the metal heads love the more and most… and i can tell you itz gonna be a hot ride as i got alot of songs prepared down for you .. itz a mash up of playlist from diffrent metalheads combined….
Yo .. so i put em all together for your updating pleasure and as i.see it guys are gonna thank me later when you update this up on yo systems, phones, tabs e.t.c…
Now ofcuz itz time we unleash the dragon…. are you ready?… set….!!!!… go!!!!!!!

1. God hates us – Avenged sevenfold
2. Diary of jane – Breaking Benjamin
3. Love Lost – Betraying the Martyrs
4. Ad Astra – Betraying the Martyrs
5. Man made Disaster – Betraying the Martyrs
6. The left hand of god_ Behemoth
7. Tapestry of me – Betraying the Martyrs
8. Skyfall_ Obtenebris
9. Whiskey in the jar – Metallica
10. New Divide – Linkin Park
11. Cry of Achilles- Alter Bridge
12. You’re coming with me – The Agonist
13. Black Heart – Stone temple pilots (with Chester Benington)
14. Pink hearted Suicide – Papercut Massacre
15. Sweet child o’ mine – Guns n’ roses
16. Animal I have become – Three days grace
17. Melting Point of Wax_ Thrice
18. This Long Hour_ Dead Letter Circus
19. Strobe Lights_ Kill Hannah
20. High speed dirt – Megadeth
21. Conditions of my Parol_ Puscifer
22. Arlandria – Foo Fighters
23. Rough Hands_ Alexisonfire
24. A Constant Run_ The Gathering
25. God bless you_ Black Veil Brides
26. Tourniquet_ Marilyn Manson
27. Composure_  August burns Red
28. There is nothing left – All shall perish
29. Lionheart – Bury Tomorrow
30. Feels like forever – Of Mice & Men
31. Priests of Sodom – Cannibal corpse
32. Remain Nameless – Hatebreed
33. Underwater visions – Here comes the kraken
34. They don’t call it the south for nothing – of Mice & men
35. Shadow moses – Bring me the horizon
36. Romance is dead – Parkway Drive
37. God is dead – black sabbath
38. Evolution – Korn
39. Down with the sickness – Disturbed
40. Alive – Lo-pro
41. Suffocating under – Bullet for my valentine
42. All I nid – Within temptation
43. Glass skin – Dir en Grey
44. Lament : Galneryus
45. Beim ersten mal tut simmer weh- OOMPH
46. Possession – Whitechapel
47. The death of me – Asking Alexandria
48. Venom Eye : Woe is Tyrant
49. Poison – Alice cooper
50. The day that never comes – METALLICA

YO .. that’s it… try out those babies and give me a review via comments or email … or via my Twitter handle @Rookykamiiz
Adios niggz #Ipsum magis laborare



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