Guys… today we’ve got a special guest in the house.. He is an Alternative rock artist from Nigeria.. infact I was so lucky to get this interview done after days and days  of tracking …
Now i arint joking this guy is tha bomb.. i call him the future daughtry.. lol.  I have been on his trail after i heard one of his songs
So as luck may have it… we got an exclusive one, i hope you guys enjoy it… 🙂


Rooky kamiiz:  Yo… mr phrance… itz nice been with you on the Xperience live ..

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Its my pleasure bruv

Rooky kamiiz: so sir can you give us a brief history about yourself?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Okay!

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Real name Francis Adole Ogbleba ,a native of benue state ,studied maths/stat in lag and I’m a rock artist

Rooky kamiiz: What inspired you into Rock music?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: My bro is a great rock fan ,he actually made me pick interest in rock music cos he used to play dem every second

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Dat was back den tho

Rooky kamiiz: You must be lucky to have such a brother!!, A solo artist in Rock isnt an easy job so i was thinking Do you have a band …?? If yes , how did it come about?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: I actually hav a band dat. I work wit but I’m a solo artist

Rooky kamiiz: that’s nice… so How have you been… talking bout challenges… victories, joys and pains?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Well ,nothnig good comes easy , its bin quite ruff but we bless God cos deres progress

Rooky kamiiz: now can explain to us about your genre of Rock music and why you did you chose it

Phrαnce Rocks ®: YeZzur

Phrαnce Rocks ®: I’m a rock head ,I do alternative rock and its sometin dat came naturally from within not like I chose dis part

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Lol

Rooky kamiiz: Lol

Rooky kamiiz: yea, now how do u promote ur songs in a country like this

Rooky kamiiz: That is inclined to Only dancehall nd party music

Phrαnce Rocks ®: d love for rock music is rily growing and I bliev deres a market for every kind of music ,its just to tap into ur market and not try to b everywhere

Phrαnce Rocks ®: We’re stil workin on gettin our materials out dere but so far its bin fair

Rooky kamiiz: Cool

Rooky kamiiz: any album in sight? or singles out yet ?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Got 3songs out dere

Phrαnce Rocks ®: 2 official songs and a rock version of d nigerian national anthem I did

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Makin 3songs and workin on anoda single

Rooky kamiiz: Nice

Rooky kamiiz: For your fans and those about to know you… what should we expect from you..

Rooky kamiiz: like whats the latest?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Expect more singles ,a video and my own show tagged “Rock Fever”

Rooky kamiiz: Coool

Rooky kamiiz: I am curious Tell us more about the Rock fever

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Rock fever is a show bout rock music ,its gon b d 1st of its kind

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Gonna do covers of rock song ,  my songs and I’v got supportin rock acts also

Phrαnce Rocks ®: JFc ,Clay ,Uchman and a host of others

Rooky kamiiz: Nice Nice ..

Rooky kamiiz: Can you tell us when and where its gonna hold?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: No specific date yet ,wud keep u guyz posted on any new development

Rooky kamiiz: We have all seen a rapid growth in Rock music in africa do u think its here to stay?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Its here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!

Rooky kamiiz: Lol

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Yezzur

Rooky kamiiz: So as a rock fan… i wanna know ur top5 best bands and ur top5 least liked bands

Rooky kamiiz: Nd why?

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Dats a tough one ,least like I don’t tink I can answer dat

Phrαnce Rocks ®: And as far for best ,Hmmmmm

Phrαnce Rocks ®: No list basically ,jst hav loads of rock bands I like  Kutless ,building 429 ,tenth avenue north ,7eventh time low ,chris Tomlin ,mehn d list is endless

Rooky kamiiz: Lol… ure a Rock head m/.

Rooky kamiiz: On your journey who are your inspirations, people u’ve worked with,  influences.

Rooky kamiiz: Ur dreams and aims

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Daughtry has a very big influence in my music ,I’v worked wit protek ,we jumped on a joint ,and influences r d rock songs dat shaped me in dis part

Phrαnce Rocks ®: I hope to change d phase of rock music in naija and make it acceptable By his grace

Rooky kamiiz: Finally give a word of advice to your fans and all rock fans nation/world wide

Phrαnce Rocks ®: Be passionate abt wot u do ,put God 1st and keep on rocking

Rooky kamiiz: Yo guys … you’ve heard it alll from the man himself….. let’s Support him in any way we can .. below are links to his songs. Give it a try.  #ipsum magis laborare


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  3. The anthem » http://t.co/ZVVc53FWKk



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