Earlier on i have been ranting on social media about the kenyans and their urge for good music following my discovery of some of their bands…
but trust me i wont wanna taste this band alone so i took it upon myself to introduce this guys to yall.. i hope you find them captivating in this super spicy.

Murfy’s fLaw (often misspelt as Murphy’s fLaw or Murphy’s Law) is Kenyan alternative rock band formed in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2007.

It is a 6-piece band that is unique in Kenya in its chosen genre of performed music, the fact that they are all full-time non-music professionals and that it is composed mainly of rubenesque girls. There is only one man in the band.

Murfy’s fLaw is also unique in its Multi-cultural mix of peoples from different tribes and countries. The band’s varied musical style has fused traditional rock with elements of funk, reggae and an indescribable tinge that can only be described as Kenyan.

On November 21, 2008, Murfy’s fLaW released their début album Makosa

On November 11, 2011, they released their sophomore album, “Hello Light”.

RKXL interview in full.:-

  1. Brief history of your band?

8 years ago,  a group of friends decided that they wanted to do more than just hang out having fun. They wanted to do more, be more than the sum of their parts. But they were all from different backgrounds and influences… yet somehow it all felt like being at home when doing music together. These friends became known as “Murfy’s fLaw”. Reema (Lead Vocals), 9ine (Lead Guitar), Punky (Rhythm Guitar), Joanna (Keys), Jozie (Bass), Vicky (drums).

  1. What inspired the band?

We deeply believe that music is not just for us… it for enriching and uplifting the lives of all those around us. Uplifting out of poverty, ignorance, fear and avarice. We are therefore never to be the music par se, but more of a vessel to channel it outwards. That and the fact that it kept us out of mischief and guided our creative impulses in a more positive direction.

  1. Why the name “Murfy’s flaw”?

We discovered that the name “Murphys flaw” was already taken by an american band after we had been using it for a while. So we changed it to “Murfy’s fLaw” (using an “f”) to differentiate. It was all basically a band decision. We had a few name ideas and we went with this one as a bit of a laugh, not thinking that it would last this long (the band… and perhaps the laugh).

  1. what are your challenges, joys, pains and victories as a kenyan band?

The challenges have been numerous. From finding equipment, practice spaces, good sound engineers, quality production, choosing songs (coz everyone has a different taste), in-fighting, discouragement, impatience, mockery,  et al. We’ve pretty much experienced most (if not more) of our fair share of difficulties. The miracle though is that we’ve somehow managed to move past them. Especially the more crippling ones.
Our songs, our great fans, our albums, our videos and each other. Each completed project, each successful show, each hurdle jumped and each accomplishment was hard won and thus a joyous endeavour.
Frustrations galore. A few shows where the sound went to shyte. Loss of equipment,
What can we say, every time we felt like giving up and not wishing to go on, we somehow managed to get to the next pit-stop. And that makes us treasure each other and our supporting community much more than ever; never taking anything for granted. Anything that makes you appreciate the sublime things in life has got to be a victory, right?

  1. describe your genre?.. express your musical style to us?

We play Rock music with our own little touches of influence. Some call it Alternative Rock. Others call it Benga Rock. Others yet, call it fusion rock or urban rock (like Urban Soul but with Rock elements). What do we call it ourselves? We don’t dwell much on names/tags just yet. Music (sub)genres don’t usually earn a name until they have inspired enough imitations for someone to come up with a name. Till we have enough imitators of our music (or until we fit the elements of an imitated category) we shall simply be Rockers on an adventure, exploring our musical landscape.

  1. Any album dropped .. or songs?

We so far have 2 albums and 2 new singles out. Our first album was called Makosa (Kiswahili for “Wrongs” or “The evil that men do”). The second is called Hello Light. Recently we have released two songs as new singles.
1. The First called “Raindrops (Scream my Name)” and can be heard on our soundcloud page here: http://
2. The second is our newest song/video “Steal a Beat” (http://



  1. what is the latest and what are we to expect from y’all?

We wished to take a hiatus but it doesn’t seem like that will happen and so the show must go on. So you can expect some explosive concert performances from Murfy’s fLaw, if you’re in town try and check us out. Perhaps if fortune smiles on us we might finish a new song for our fans soon.

  1. how do you handle stage perfomances and fans?

We always try to approach each performance as fresh as we can. Mostly we feed of Reema’s energy and the crowd’s reception. So for us, every show feels organic. We have a prepared setlist, but we still sometimes find ourselves doing things that we can never duplicate again because of the energy and vibe from the audience. Ultimately, music is about that connection. One person to another. This is our holy grail so to speak. Our fans tend to be uber-cool. Whenever they come over to us after shows and tap fist and we will laugh and joke with each other like old friends. Once in a while someone wants to marry Reema (and or have her babies) but 9ine always tell Reema, “you at least know how to your way home, like a carrier-pigeon right?”. If it was up to 9ine he would sell her Tel. no. and Address after every show… thankfully the rest of the band are more sensible.

  1. any awards or accolades to your name?

As Rockers we don’t do awards and accolades. We do shows. 🙂 Seriously, we know nothing about that sort of thing. We just do us. If that brings joy & inspiration into your life, then we have done our duty. We don’t seek or think about less than that.

  1. i would love to know the bands you draw your inspirations from?

It depends on the band member. As we mentioned earlier we draw inspiration from many sources; From Eric Wainaina to Oliver Mutukudzi to Brenda Fassie to Fela Kuti to Jimi Hendrix to Carlos Santana to Eric Knopfler to Divinity Rox, to Victor Wooten, to RHCP to Michael Jackson to P!nk to Beyonce to Makadem to Aishwarya Rai to Sarabi to Fundi Konde, to Osibisa etc etc. The list is endless because we love music and we have been so lucky to have listen to so many beautiful sounds and voices as a collective that it would not be possible to draw a list and do justice at the same time. But we would like to mention our fellow rock bands in Kenya who nurtured us and gave us a helping hand when we were starting out and support over the years: M2O, LYT, UETA, Rock of Ages, etc. While we might not as a community have the large fan bases of the other genres, we have the most passionate musicians and fans. You can believe that.

  1. what are your dreams and goals?

We have one dream and goal. To Rock your socks off. No, really! We want to connect. With ourselves, our community and our music. To take it to higher and higher levels of consciousness. We want to uplift and inspire ourselves and those around us to do more beyond what we or they thought possible. We are living testament that this thought experiment can be a reality.

  1. As we all know there is a recent growth in the appreciation of rock music in Africa.. do you think its here to stay or what do you think?

Well, rock started in Africa so its just like that graduate that goes to study abroad then comes back home. Sure, they have changed due their exposure to the world and its diversity, but that’s the cornerstone of music isn’t it? Innovation and evolution of sound.

  1. Now you know there are other countries in Africa like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana who are gradually accepting the genre … have any future of a collabo or perhaps a tour or concert?

We love traveling and collaboration and so if we were to get the opportunity we would definitely love to interact with our brothers and sisters across our continent. So far we don’t have anything in the works but one never knows what will happen tomorrow. We shall certainly play our part in bringing about this sort of thing to fruition.

  1. finally a word of advise to your fans around Africa and worldwide…!

Are we accomplished enough to give advise? I guess if we have one word for Africa and worldwide its this: 6 completely unique individuals with different backgrounds and inclinations found that music united us into a creative force for good. How much better would Africa be, if we all embraced the philosophy that we all the same underneath the skin… that collaboration is better than war? That there is a universe of possibilities to be had if we explore how to work together rather than apart. If we had given thought to how disparate we were as individuals, Murfy’s fLaw would never have existed. We embraced what we had in common and built something new for ourselves. Building is always harder than destroying its true, but all the beauty in the world would not exist if we all took the destruction route






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