And yes… WE have WHOLE BAND  “The RISING RAIN” on  #RKXL all the way from The Coal city. (Enugu).
here is yet another succulent interview cuz you can literally feed off it.. from this alternative kings of the east… fasten your seat belts guys.. its about this time


  1. Brief history of your band?

The RisingRain is an alternative rock band from Enugu Nigeria. The band consists of Michael Otuya (lead vocals), Aloysius Iyke (bass guitarist), Ozioma Obiokolo (drums and percussion), Walter Eneoma (lead guitars) and Producer and multi instrumentalist Ebuka Onuchukwu.

  1. What inspired the band?

What’s inspired us all individually Is the urge to change someone’s life through music and that’s basically the force behind the band.
We came together with that force and formed The band with it.
Of course we can’t achieve whatever brought us together as a band without cooking up and writing wonderful songs.

  1. Why the name “THE RISING RAIN”?

The Rising Rain was actually the one name two members of the band agreed with after we had a list names to choose from, proposed by band members. The name also related with every one of us in a particular way we just could not comprehend because we all want to rise above The level we were musically and otherwise.

  1. What are your challenges, joys, pains and victories as a band?

Ofcourse, we are still an upcoming band and an unsigned act, so challenges are just numerous, from funding to trying to put things to suite everyone, looking ƒσя The right sounds to writing The best lyrics or translating what we are going through into our songs to trying to promote our songs which Is not yet a generally accepted genre in The country’s music market. Another challenge we’ve been having with some of our shows, Is The lack of good or complete sound equipment and instruments…. Its a hell of a challenge but we are okay with it, we foresaw it all before taking The step but then what gives us joy and leaves us all smiles Is The comfort in The few lives we’ve been able to touch, in The  few fans that have been showing The  love and support…all those little things keeps us going. They are The ones that put The victory song in our lips.

  1. Describe your genre?.. Express what your musical style to us?

our genre Is more alternative rock than an out and out Rock. Sometimes, our sounds shift a bit more to The edge of Emo rock. We create alternative music and with lots of rock sounds in, here and there.

  1. Any album dropped.. or songs?

We already have an E.P. Of two songs titled “Call Me what you like” and we are currently working on our second E.P. Of four songs titled “The New Beginning” and the release date   is June.

  1. What is the latest and what are we to expect from yall?

Like Aloysius said, we are currently working on an e.p. Of four songs titled “The new beginning”. The songs in them include,   1. God Complex,  2. Redemption,   3. Walking on Cloud Nine, and  4. Let Go. But The first single from The  e.p. will drop soon which Is God Complex then The  rest of it will follow suit. Our first video will be shot after the e.p. Then a tour in the later part of the year.

  1. How do you handle stage performances and fans?

We don’t add anything to it or try to spice up things as it may get too difficult ƒσя us. We simply go out there, do what we know best in our own way and be sure we leave The fans with something to remember ƒσя every performance. Our fans have been great in our hometown with lots of love and support and we want to say a very big thank you.

  1. Any awards or accolades to your name?

Ozioma: No, None yet.

  1. i would love to know the bands you draw your inspirations from?

We draw inspiration from bands like The fray, sanctus real, one republic and sidewalk prophets. I’ve even been told, I have same dictation and voice texture as The  fray frontman, Isaac  Slade but come on almost every rock artist in Naija sounds like some one out there but in simple truth, we draw inspiration from The  Fray, Side Walk prophets, Five ƒσя fighting, You and Me at Six, Sanctus Real and One Republic and individually, we still argue who’s our best band and have separate attraction ƒσя different bands but collectively, those bands inspire us to do what we do.

  1. What are your dreams and goals?

Our dreams and goals as a band Is basically to touch all the lives we could with our songs. We will be the happiest to see downcast spirits and souls lifted inspired from hearing our songs…..that’s our biggest dreams and goals.

  1. As we all know there is a recent growth in the appreciation of rock music in Africa.. do you think its here to stay or what do you think?

The recent growth Is quite scary though, as if everyone was just waiting till recently to pop out of nowhere and rep The genre. Truth  Is, it has come to stay and very soon we will see this genre compete with The  trend here. More bands and artist are coming in, I have read some blogs dedicated to just Nigerian rock and they are all doing great-great jobs promoting The genre. That’s including you bro…thumbs up and rock on. E no easy guy, but we will all get there.

  1. Now you know there are other countries in Africa like Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Ghana who are gradually accepting the genre … have any future of a collabo or perhaps a tour or concert?

Surprisingly yea we do have some work to be done outside. We have been contacted by some Zambian hip hop artists who would love to work with us. I personally would be delighted to work with new artists outside the country.

  1. Finally a word of advise to your fans around Africa and worldwide…!

Just be real and true to yourself and do what you do with all diligence and sincerity and hope. One day it’ll pay off.

We’ve been told several times that why The  hell on earth, did we choose to do rock in Nigeria? Say hungry go kill everyone of us, but we just kept on going, taking each step till we are finally here. So I’d say, do what you love doing in уσυя own way guys and The  sky will be уσυя stepping stone.
Aloysius: Keep calm and keep listening to good music, life  Is to short.




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