1. Brief history of your band?

The band was conceived in 2007 by Dimmz, but didn’t really come together up until 2010. Thereafter, we took part in a couple of band competitions -we actually won in our very first one!! So we took that positive energy and started writing our own songs. In February 2012, we released our first single, “Yelele” on the radio. The listeners loved it!! It shot to the top of the charts within three weeks. That was simply amazing.

  1. What inspired the band?

Well, we all just really love music; each one of us has an undying passion for it. That sort of thing tends to pull like-minded people together. The energy that comes out from rock somehow drew us all in.

  1. Why the name “DOVESLIMME”?

Heh heh. The actual story behind the name is nowhere near as exciting as you may think…or maybe it is. It’s an epic tale of adventure rife with dragons and a mighty Pegasus. The details of which are just too epic to properly articulate into a single paragraph. (Seriously though, it’s some sort of play on the opposite of the name of someone who does not particularly influence our lives or music. It’s like that tattoo you have and like but never really want to show anyone. Which is funny because our collective tattoo total is zero.)

  1. what are your challenges, joys, pains and victories as a kenyan band?

Being a Kenyan rock band is one of the toughest musical choices you can make right now. The scene is small, getting equipment to start out is not easy, there are a lot of negative perceptions about it, and though a lot of people do listen to rock, it’s something they do in the safety of their cars, bedrooms or personal music players. This makes it really hard for an artist to do this exclusively as a bread-winner. Still, you have to find time to perfect and dedicate yourself to your passion because, let’s face it, we’ve got bills!!

Over the years though, there have been changes. You can now hear local rock bands getting airplay on radio and even see them on TV from time to time. People from outside the scene are now talking about us as a band and event organizers even seek us out these days. The amazing response to our EP last year and even now is a great victory and motivator. Listeners voted for our songs and took them straight to the top of the charts. Most of all, we really love all the support we get from the #Slimmeteam. They really keep us going in this journey, so a big shout out to them!!

  1. describe your genre?.. express what your musical style to us?

Our sound is in a state of flux because we’re always trying out new things. Considering the fact that we all listen to different genres of music, it’s difficult to peg our creative minds to just one. That being said, it’s always safe to say we’re alternative rock.

  1. Any album dropped  .. or songs?

We released our first EP “Cool on the Inside” in July 2013. It’s available online on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Cd Baby.

  1. what is the latest and what are we to expect from yall?

We’re actually working on new music as we speak. We “updated our roster” last year and we’re excited to be creating together. Can’t wait to let you guys hear what “the new guys” are bringing in. Also, we’re dropping our first video soon so watch all the spaces

  1. how do you handle stage perfomances and fans?

We love being on stage because it’s when we get to have the most interaction with and appreciate our fans. They are, after all, the main driving force behind our music so we like to bring the energy and to connect with our fans and new listeners. We try to be ourselves on stage and that shows in our performances. In short, FUN TIMES AHOY!!

  1. any awards or accolades to your name?

Battle of the bands winners – August 2010, Battle of the bands winners – September 2010, Battle of the bands winners – July 2011, Best performing band – Ocktoberfest 2010, Quickest rising Single “Yelele” – Xfm

  1. i would love to know the bands you draw your inspirations from?

Paramore, One Ok Rock, Anberlin, Just A Band, Protest The Hero, Guns N Roses, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Threat Band, Tony Royster Jr.…there are just so many

  1. what are your dreams and goals?

We want, like everyone else, to be successful. We can’t wait for that moment where rock is accepted everywhere locally as much as it is abroad. We want to go abroad and get our music out there and rock with the best, show them how good we can rock in 254. Growing our fan base to an international level is a dream we all share. Tours on a global scale!!

  1. As we all know there is a recent growth in the appreciation of rock music in Africa… do you think it’s here to stay or what do you think?

Definitely here to stay!! Rock is like that crazy, fun-loving cousin who comes to stay over and never leaves… Heh. So Africa better start preparing that extra bedroom.

  1. Now you know there are other countries in Africa like Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Ghana who are gradually accepting the genre … have any future of a collabo or perhaps a tour or concert?

We’re applying to a few international festivals and crossing our fingers. We’ll let you all know as soon as we do. Hopefully, we can meet fellow African rockers and find a way to work together. It would be all types of awesome!!

  1. Finally, a word of advice to your fans around Africa and worldwide…!

Live it!! Love it!! Rock it!! Always, and in whatever you do.
For our #Slimmeteam, we’ve got nothing but dove for ya!!



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