Peace douglas on #RKXL.. (9ja lady of heavy metal)

  1. Can you tell us about yourself (short bio)

I am  Ufuoma .P. Douglas from Delta state,Nigeria.Am the first child out of three children in my family.Am also a graduate of B.A ENGLISH LANGUAGE from the  University of Abuja and am very passionate about rock music.

  1. what inspired you into music?

Strings…like guitars,violins etc . Day to day life  experience(s)…Which made me to start writing.My  younger sister  discovered I wrote good Scripts/lyrics then she  encouraged me to start singing my own songs instead of giving my lyrics  away …I was never in a choir but I had friends in school  that were good Singers…we use to rehearse and today am in the spot light of Rock  music giving in my best .

  1. which instrument(s) do you play?

I play drums  very well and a little.. of bass guitar

  1. what are your challenges, joys, pains and victories as an alternative act?

My challenge(s) is in the area of publicity in the media.An artist must have enough resources to promote his/her songs .My pain is that there are  not many rock music producers to encourage raising Rock stars.My joy and victory is that am now in the spot light of Rock music which is a dream, come true for me …I feel great expressing myself using rock music as a medium for change.

  1. describe your genre?.. express what your musical style is to us?

My genre is Hard/Metal rock Music  .

  1. Any album dropped  .. or songs? (where can we get them?)

Yes,i have two singles .The first one is “PRICELESS” and the second is “STOP CORRUPTION”. You can watch them via Google search, YouTube or download them from Picosong website by searching for Ufuoma.P.Douglas on…

  1. what is the latest and what are we to expect from you?

My latest singles is “STOP CORRUPTION”.It’s a song that describes the electoral process around the world encouraging good governance.

  1. how do you handle stage perfomances and fans?

Am Looking forward towards a stage performance soon  but for now I haven’t been to any,although I have gotten invitations . However,I have great fans both home and abroad especially at my place of work..they all want me to know they are huge fans of my music and they always want update on my profile and songs. IT’S amazing  …I appreciate them all.

  1. any awards or accolades to your name?


  1. i would love to know the bands/musicians you draw your inspirations from?

The eagles,Led Zeppelin,Guns and Roses and Avril Lavigne .

  1. what are your dreams and goals?

To be part of history.Leaving my foot print in the sands of time as regards ROCK MUSIC..

  1. As we all know there is a recent growth in the appreciation of rock music in Africa.. do you think its here to stay or what do you think?

Certainly it’s here to stay.

  1. Now you know there are other countries in Africa like south africa, kenya, Angola, Ghana who are gradually accepting the genre … have any future of a collabo or perhaps a tour or concert?

Yes,I am thinking of a collaboration soon,starting from NIGERIA.

  1. finally a word of advise to your fans around Africa and worldwide…!

I want them all to know they are special and Priceless.



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