1LastAutograph is a Nigerian Punk Rock/Post Hardcore band formed in May of 2014. The band members initially included Danjuma as the lead vocalist, Chike on the guitar and Tolu as their drummer. Tolu left shortly after their performance at the second edition of Metal & Romance (M&R), a performance which announced them to the Nigerian Rock community as a sensational rock band in the making. Then Sam also a guitarist joined the band and they recruited Casey Patrick as their bass guitarist and Mario Okogho as their new drummer. The band draws influences from bands such as; All Time Low, Daughtry, Switchfoot, For Today and so on. They are currently working on their first EP titled ‘Sickle Cell Amnesia’ which I hope will be released sometime in 2015. They have since made a few public performances such as at the 2014 Felabration, 2nd edition of Metal & Romance, Jaxville and at the Double Double Economic Conference. They were featured on a song titled ‘Down’ that was recently released by Clay, a Nigerian Pop Rock artist.

They have their debut single out titled ‘All or Nothing’. After listening to this song, I knew this is a band that would eventually lead a revolution of rock music in the Nigerian Music Industry and Africa at large. Admittedly, I have never really seen a Nigerian band that would dare to employ the kind of harsh vocals that was used on this single. On my first listen, I was like ‘is this really a Nigerian band’? 1LastAutograph has conviction and ‘All or Nothing’ helps set them apart from their contemporaries. With this song they set out to prove that they would not back down, and would be a force to be reckoned with in the metal scenes. They manage to pull off this track due to their sheer passion, aggression and energy which more than compensates for the sometimes repetitive nature of the song, the haunting strings that occur throughout the lenght of the song, with frequent bass drops and a little guitar noodling every now and then.

Danjuma’s vocals are good, his easy transition from deep growled vocals to screeches shows how good his vocals are. Its refreshing that a Nigerian band like 1LastAutograph decides to use a mixture of harsh and clean vocals on their debut single. They did so infrequently; this allows for some vocal diversity without feeling too overpowering. The sound of the song sounds like there isn’t a single error in playing anywhere, including the vocals. Its sleek, yet maintains a razor sharp harshness, dark edge to it. The production is squeaky clean, the guitar tones are generic, the riffs are redundant and the lyrics speak for itself. No one can say this is a commercial song, both the lyrics and musicianship were fully at play on this song. Danjuma sounds his angriest that i’ve heard him and Chike sounds his most inspired. The bass isn’t quite as strong here in volume, so turn it up a little bit and the drumming is also generic.

‘All or Nothing’ received a fair share of mixed to good reviews from fellow rock enthusiasts. Yes, it’s not as heavy as we wanted but who cares, it has just the right mix of heavy and harmony. The song has its high and lows and i’ll like to commend the band for the work done on this single. The song is well put together lyrically. 1LastAutograph sets out to tell people not to back down from their dreams and that they are going to stand their ground no matter what people say or think and that this is it, its all or nothing.

Seyi Obe

Seyi Obe is a Project Engineer working with an Engineering firm in Lagos, Nigeria. He received a B. Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He loves rock music, and as a critic, he listens to all the sub-genres. His favourite sub-genre is Metalcore. He is head-honcho-in-charge of reviews on AudioInferno.com. When he is not managing any engineering project at the engineering firm where he works, he is here writing reviews for different categories of things, ranging from singles, EPs, albums, concerts and shows. He also writes articles on Rock Music and its development in Africa. He loves taking photographs, and is mostly responsible for supplying the quality high definition pictures that you see around the website.

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