Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 3

Going places now! Third episode, feels like we’ve done a billion already said Skippy Duran sarcastically. The episode is a mash up of various songs spanning different sub genres, a lil fan service went in here so i demand a “thank you!” and cake too, Skippy Duran likes cake, don’t forget the cake. No, like seriously, don’t!

The song included on the show are as follows:

  1. Carry On -by- Avenged Sevenfold,
  2. Take the Power Back -by- Rage Against the Machines,
  3. Overkill -by- Metallica (originally by Motorhead),
  4. Indestructible -by- Disturbed,
  5. Toxicity -by- System Of a Down,
  6. Bleed It Out -by- Linkin Park,
  7. We Will Rock You -by- Queen.
[NOTE] Ecstatic to announce the podcast will be up every week, on Fridays evenings. yes, i’m super lazy like that..

…seriously though, where are we on that cake talk?


Temet nosce. Author of the book: The Complication, Grim. Speed/Thrash Metal enthusiast. Guitarist. #CFC. Sub-serial AudioInferno podcaster. Habitual fire starter, local troublemaker, I’m BATMAN (nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BATMAN!!!!!!!!)

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