Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 4


How many times have you had one of those moments where you hear a kick ass song but you NEVER get the damn name of the song, hell, not even the singer or the bloody band. Happened to me last week at the movies and it hurt….bad. Hurt my soul it did…sob sob sob

Now then today’s episode features some kick ass songs and an announcement from the Audio Inferno team.

Jumping in now, the songs on the show include:

  1. Killing Strangers -by- Marilyn Manson,
  2. Criminally Insane (Remix) -by- Slayer,
  3. Iron Tusk -by- Mastodon,
  4. Angel of Death -by- Slayer,
  5. Wordless Chorus -by- My Morning Jacket.

OKAY! OKAY!! OKAY!!! i will admit, i seem to be taking a bit of shine to Slayer these days. Hell, i love me some hard hitting Speed Metal. The rush of it gets me going easily.

The show also featured a question, so hurry on to the comment section and leave us a comment will ya.

Here’s the question:

What genre or sub genre of rock music makes the best soundtracks?

Be sure to leave a comment guys,


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