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BILE OF MAN IS ONE AWESOME BAND I just found out about and trust and believe me you when I say they are our brothers talking about from South Africa. Wow, the future is here even faster than I thought. So I just had to share their awesomeness with y’all have a nice time with ’em and for more info check up their band page on this website. Cheers Hi there, its a pleasure to have you on ! What genre of rock do you jam?

Bile Of Man: We are in fact not a rock band at all, we play our own brand of South African Death Metal.

AI: Please give us a brief history about your career/ band

BOM: Ondier and Bennie are both founding members of the band. Back in 2007 the band started writing original music and getting a set list together. The band went through many member shifts due to a variety of different reasons and currently have a lineup as follows: Bennie (Guitars/Vocals), Michael (Guitars/Vocals), Kyle (Bass/Vocals), Riaan (Drums).

Through the years Bile of Man had performed on stages of all sizes ranging from small bars in shitty areas of Joburg to massive outdoor stages at festivals. Some highlights were: Witchfest 2008 Alongside Carcass; Ensiferum South African Tour; Thornfest 2010 and 2011; Anarchy (Egypt) South African Tour; Detonation Tour 2012 alongside Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy); Wacken Metal Battle 2014 Finals; and now we are preparing for Witchfest Open Air 2015 with some massive bands such as Hatebreed, Epica, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklsym, Alestorm, Aborted, Carnifex and Belphegor.

AI: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

BOM: In terms of what we do in Bile of Man, musically we are influenced by bands like Cannibal Corpse, Origin, Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Deicide, Slayer and so many more.

Non-Musical Influences is a tough one to answer as a band. But one would most definitely have to be coffee. We have considerable interest in gaming too, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Far Cry and so forth…

AI: What are your dreams, aims and goals?

BOM: Dreams and goals are an ever-changing topic. Our dream would be to tour the States, for two years, one state every two weeks. Right now our goal is to finish our full length album which is way overdue, and we are doing it all by ourselves, 100% DIY effort.

AI: Who writes the songs, what are they about?

BOM: Our songs are all co-written by all band members, everyone gets credit and has input. Our content relates to our name, Bile of Man, that being said, everything the human race does and has done in history to be known as the most devastating creature on earth waging wars, murdering and capital theft and corruption. The end of days is a progressive topic we write about, trying to predict the outcome of the human race.

AI: How many songs/albums have been released and what does the future hold?

BOM: We have released a 2 track demo and a 6 track entitled “Dystopian Order: The Age of Detritus” (Which is available for free download on our facebook page) or:

Also, we are currently busy finishing off our full Length album, more details to be released on all major Social Media Platforms SOON!

AI: How do you promote your bands and shows and songs?

BOM: We do all the main Social Media networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but we also try to keep it old school and print flyers and posters for every show and event.

AI: What instrument do you play?

BOM: All the cool ones.

AI: When and why did you start playing?

BOM: Most of us started our musical carreers in our early teens and it was focused on being a part of the lifestyle our heroes were promoting, being a Metalhead means so much more when you play an instrument in a musicians point of view.

AI: How do you balance your music with your other obligations?

BOM: With great difficulty, being in a band and making any kind of success of it takes a lot of hard work and time.

AI: Any advice to the beginners who might be nervous?

BOM: Don’t be too hasty to get on stage or release a demo. Spend time on your material and get other peoples opinions and regard it as constructive criticism.

AI: I would love to know do you get nervous before a public performance?

BOM: Never nervous, always anxious… We all just always want to get up on that stage and rip everything apart, we love what we do on stage.

AI: How is the Rock music scene fairing and what can you say may be the future in Africa ..

BOM: Rock I’m not sure, the metal scene however is currently surviving in the duality of local bands vs. international bands. There are so many more people coming out to shows when local bands are supporting international bands than people going out to watch only local bands. This is actually a multi faceted discussion, probably not ideal for this interview, but in short, we think that people are bored of watching the same bands playing the same kind of sets. Where they can go watch international acts and then also the local supporting bands (Where the local bands tend to put more effort into their sets)

The lack of decent venues, far and wide apart in South Africa also plays a major role in the current situation.

AI: Meaning behind the band name?

BOM: Bile (Bad, Horrible, Disgusting – things) of Man (Human race)






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