4 Reasons Old (Ancient) Rock bands are better than the Modern Rock bands

A child is picked up from the streets of Kyoto and becomes an intern to an old samurai. He learns the art, he learns the way of Bushido, he understands the code of honour too. He becomes bad ass. He will surpass his teacher some day.


Around these parts, the new kids on the block don’t surpass their masters, they live off of them, even going further to sample their songs AND win a Grammy for that moohing, case study:

Metallica samples Whiskey in a Jar and wins a Grammy for it. A song originally played by Thin Lizzy but there a twist to that. Thin Lizzy wasn’t the first band to play that song. That’s another trivia for another misyarn.

Let’s focus on this misyarn here, no, yes.

At this point, I’ll tell you now, walk away cos I’ll be dishing out some hard to swallow gogo, chin chin, M&M and Smarties too.. But you won’t walk away, I have your attention now, so, make yourself comfortable and enjoy my slander cleverly disguised as another slander, a slander in a slander, Incepder(TM). That doesn’t make sense but you’ll still keep on reading this anyway. Winning.

For reallies though; I could stay here all day and bad mouth the bands y’all started with in the late 90s and the 00s but it’s only a matter of perspective really. I started listening to Rock, Heavy Metal precisely in 1994, I was 6 then. Doesn’t make me better than you lot. Doesn’t mean a thing at all. We all love the same genre or sub genre of music that’s why you’re here anyway.

Moment of humility aside (you only get one of those from me) let’s start shall we.

5 Reasons Old Rock Bands Are Better Than The New Rock Bands.


Finger tapping, Palm muting, scooping out the Mid, Sweep Picking, Drop D tuning etc. All skills used by most Metal bands these days. All invented by ancient rockers. Death Metal or Doom Metal won’t flourish without Sweep Picking, it’s just a badass way to ring out the insane solo’s you love today. It’s a skill I’m struggling to master and I want to smash my ax on the floor anytime I screw it up. In Rock Music, age is sort of like an advantage, it’s weird really, Bands like Iron Maiden aren’t slowing down with their tours or Judas Priest with their colossal twin guitar licks, which I will call “tasty licks” here.


Ever noticed how your band sounds different when they play live? Well, it’s prrrrrrrobably cos when the song they play live was recorded they did it with computers (digitised)

Now, before you get this confused, I’ll go on and state that a computer is needed to RECORD your music. But it should end there, that’s it! End there!


This is a typical set up for an ancient rock guitarist when he wants to set up:

[Guitar] -» [Pedal] -» [AMP] or [AMP HEAD] -» [MIXER]

This here varies though.

Here’s how a modern guitarist “may” set up his rig:

[Guitar] -» [Computer]

This is just plain lazy. There’s been cases where the crowd’s hurled bottles at bands that sound so “digital.” A digitally sounding band isn’t a rock bad as far as I know. Even if you play Viking Metal, you’ll always sound like Pop. Rock music is more than
1101 1111 0011 1011 1001 1100

Today, Ancient Rockers use computer, they can’t dodge that now way, but they’re careful in tampering with their sounds especially when they play a fan fav during a live show.

Now, band who started with connecting their guitar to a computer have a glittering mansion in hell. My only problem is, it gives off the impression that without a computer you can’t make a decent rock song.


I promise you this, there’s no feeling better than spending hours tuning your pedal. Or amp trying to nail that one sound your band created. It’s both fulfilling as it is stressful, a perfect balance if you ask me.

The introduction of a computer to Rock music is good and bad. But I will acknowledge it’s necessity but its necessity mustn’t span every area of the genre.


Name a “classic” song by an Ancient band right now and I bet you, if you don’t know how to play a guitar you can learn the riffs to that song in a day.

Enter Sandman,
Breaking The Law,
Crazy Train,
Even the all time classic, Beat It. All, easy to play in a day.

Where am I going to with this? It’s hard now for most folks to want to pick up a guitar and play what the modern guys play. The shear technicality of it all is ridiculous. It’s hard. It’s complex, it’s exhausting. Walk into a school of rock today, what songs do they practice with?

Songs from Ancient bands. Oh wow, really bro? You really don’t say.

I guarantee you now, if you’re learning a song as a beginner with the guitar, it ain’t a modern band’s song you’re learning. And this brings me all the way back to the second point! If you want to nail that insane sound by Alexi Laiho (hats off to em by the way) you’ll have to get the gears which are either too expensive or can be created by plugins on that app you have which you paid $29.99 for. Put that down!

Technicality is a beautiful thing in rock music. I have no problems there but my gosh, the simplest rock songs with the easiest riffs make the most memorable ones, well, most times. This one here’s highly debatable and I’ll admit to a decent degree of ignorance here, you can sue me now, no, really, go on ahead, I’ll wait…



As long as Modern bands cite the Ancient bands as their influence or influences, it’s hard to see the surpass them. They Modern bands will in turn become influential as time passes on. From Wikipedia to sites, Modern bands always mention the Ancient bands as their influences, their inspiration.

It’s kinda like the “Godfather,” Respect your elders and may you leave long.

It’s easy to see I’m a sucker for the Ancient bands, I’m also ONE guy who’s writing an article for a site. My opinions carry a lot more weight when it stares some form of emotional response from you, so, pour out those emotions, we all know how Rock fans get when you take a piss on their bands.

Sayonara 😀



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