Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 5

A Little Look Into African Rock, a teaser.

Firstly, I know some of you want to slice my  nuts off here, sorry I didn’t release a podcast last week Friday yo. As a bonus, I will be releasing TWO podcasts this week, this here and another on Friday, till then…


Africa knows Rock music and you wont be excused if you are ignorant of this here. To tell you the truth, the hard truth, I was also ignorant of this. Well, actually I just didn’t want to accept it more like. I can be an ass like that.

Damn! I am such a tool. Any way folks, this is the new me and I have seen the light and it is beautiful as fuck! THREE bands got my attention here. All three I will recommend to everyone out there. I can also tell you I am investing in getting their albums, shooooooosh, that will be our little secret yea. Enough with the rambling, ugh….

The bands i am raving AND the song which they sang that’s got me all pumped are:

  1. Braving The Seas -by- Myrath (Tunisia)
  2. Blinding the Masses -by-  Scarab (Egypt)

  3. Breathing In Me -by- Arcana XXII (from Namibia)

There you have it guys, I tell you this, awesome songs too. Got blown away pretty good by these guys I tell’s ya!

NOW THEN, hey Nigeria… sup! WE NEED YOU GUYS TO WAKE UP NOW. We cant let these bros of ours have all the pie. I like pie, i want’s me some of that pie too yo. Lets go get that pie.


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