Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 6 (Valentine Special?!!!!)

Soooooooooooo, it’s the Valentine season and according to the “law’ I am obligated to put up fruity songs on my show. Here’s what Skippy Duran has to say about that.


Yea I said it, poop. Truth is I’m not so big on the whole Valentine get up. Although, I do appreciate the need for a day where people get to show “love” in their own perverse way. You naughty, naughty, naughty human you.

So, the question is, what does Skippy do during the Valentine season? Well, if your answer was, “HE PLAYS REALLY FAST AND HEAVY SONGS” then we are best friends and I owe you a bottle of the finest brew. So, I have some of my personal favs up for play (yes you guessed it, I have a lot of favs, sue me.)

  1. Scream, Aim, Fire -by- Bullet For my Valentine
  2. The Prince -by- Metallica

  3. The Disintegrator -by- Megadeth

  4. Overkill (LIVE) -by Motorhead

YES, all the songs on today’s podcast are heavy and fast, pffft, that’s how I roll, WHAT!!!!! But for real though, I hope you guys get to enjoy the season as I will. Stay safe and show a bit of care to someone special or a total stranger. Wont hurt would it?

Cheers people.


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