AudioInferno: Hello, its a pleasure to have you on! So what genre of rock do you jam?

XTsamurai: Positive Alternative Rock, Rock Fusion & Acoustic Rock

AI: Please give us a brief history of your career/ band.

XTsamurai: XTsamurai grew up in a musical family. Growing up with a singing mom and multi-instrumentalist father, I gained significant musical awareness as a child. After an initial training in classical piano music, I started experimenting with a range of musical styles. Finding a growing love for guitar-based music, I was drawn towards blues and rock music which I have successfully fused with other genres to create my own unique style. I have performed at several venues and events within the UK and Nigeria including Sussex University(UK), the Brighton Dome(UK), the National Stadium(Nigeria), Felabration, Rock Only with XTsamurai (ROX), Metal & Romance… I have also worked with several musicians behind the scenes.

AI: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

XTsamurai: Musical Influences include Staind, Linkin Park, Payable on Death, Guthrie Govan. Non-musical influences include Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Stephen King, and of course, Jesus Christ.

AI: What are your dreams, aims and goals?

XTsamurai: With respect to music, my dream and goal is to profitably provide music that improves lives through providing ideas, re-focussing aspirations and improving the quality of individuals, their relationships and their outlook on life as a whole – and being able to reach over 2 billion people with my music in my lifetime.

AI: Who writes the songs, what are they about?

XTsamurai: I write and arrange my songs. These songs are often about experiences and lessons picked up along the way, random spurts of inspirations or random musical targets I give myself. An example is ‘Aiye’ where the target was to write a sensible, rhythmic song with a verse that would make an average singer run out of breath or ‘twist their tongues’!

AI: How many songs/albums have been released and what does the future hold?

XTsamurai: I’ve written over 50 songs, released about 5 songs so far, have 2 unreleased songs and I have (finally) started working on an album. I am not in a hurry to release albums or songs because it’s one thing to release songs, and quite another to do so in a profitable or sustainable manner. So I am taking my time and pacing.

AI: How do you promote your band, shows and songs?

XTsamurai: At the moment, social media is the main tool. For gigs, traditional methods like fliers are used, but generally, social media is cost effective and can be quite targeted and effective.

AI: What instrument do you play?

XTsamurai: I play acoustic, electric and bass guitars. I also play pianos/keyboards, congas and drums. And very badly, I play the recorder and violin. I guess for the last two, I have not been exactly keen.

AI: When and why did you start playing?

XTsamurai: I was forced (yes!) by my parents to start piano lessons at about 15. I huffed and I puffed, and finally gave in. Three months down the line, I was in love with pianos.

AI: How do you balance your music with your other obligations?

XTsamurai: I view them as complimentary, each part of life a note in a larger chord. Music helps me relax, make additional income and reach out to people who are normally out of my regular circles. Other facets of my life provide the discipline, experiences and method that compliment my music. In the end, it really comes down to serious time management and clarifying priorities as I go along.


AI: Any advice to the beginners who might be nervous?

XTsamurai: Everyone gets nervous BUT ‘faint hearts never won fair ladies’! So be bold and get out there. That said, as you venture out, you will get more out of music if you clarify the specifics of what you want to accomplish so you can approach it with focus. Music is NOT easy business – but there is ample space in the sky for every bird to fly.

AI: I would love to know Do you get nervous before a public performance?

XTsamurai: Every time. I am always nervous BEFORE the performance. However, when it’s time to perform, XTsamurai kicks in and I let go. I find the best performances occur when I am not holding back and trying to be “safe” with the performance.

AI: How is the Rock music scene fairing and what can you say may be the future in Africa?

XTsamurai: These are some serious questions. To address the first question, let me ask a question: Do people who say they LOVE Rock Music have a willingness to PAY for the music? That’s something to really think about BUT I have to say, Rock Music is really catching on. The maiden edition of ‘Rock Only with XTsamurai’ (ROX) had a very good number of people who had a great time. ‘Metal & Romance’ also had a great turn out with a VERY enthusiastic crowd that made me wonder if I had enough love for Rock! LoL! It is not YET mainstream, but myself and a few others are putting things in place to change that. We want Rock Music to compliment dance music which is currently mainstream, but which can get repetitive and tiring sometimes.
It’s hard to tell the future of Rock in Africa, but if Rock catches on in Nigeria, it will definitely influence Africa as well, just like our dance music and movie industry are having an impact on Africa, particularly West Africa.

AI: Meaning behind the band name?

XTsamurai: The Samurai was an ancient Japanese warrior and the word itself means “One who serves”. “XT” is a short form for the highest form of Virtue and Truth. When combine, “XTsamurai” means one (or those) who serve(s) The Truth and Virtue. The resolve, skill and strength of character that was part of the Samurai code are elements I hope to pass on to others through my music and its message




Check out the band page for XTsamurai to sample some tracks and for more information




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