Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 7 [Band Focus: Alice In Chains]

OK! So I hope to God this becomes a thing here. The idea is simple really; play songs from a band so…. wait, scratch that. The idea is to shove these band and their songs down your throat. Hell, all the songs from the band are super awesome, you have to like em all…


Today, Alice In Chain, we will focus on. Why? Beats me really. Does it really matter? I hand picked some of their songs, 4 in total. I totally should have made it 5 songs huh? Don’t worry folks, I will fire the bro who’s manning that post, pinky swear and right hand on an imaginary Bible. Now then, the super, uber, mega, ultima songs I picked for y’all are:

1. Frogs -by- Alice In Chains,

2. Man In the Box -by Alice In Chains,

3. Rooster -by- Alice In Chains,

4. Nutshell -by- Alice In Chains.

SOOOOOOOOOOO… while making this here post, my PC went all BSOD on me. It will seem the universe is against me putting this up… FUCK-A-YOU universe!!!!!!!!!!

Any way guys, let me know what you think about these songs here. Please leave a comment in the comment section aii. Dont be a stranger now folks, see you’s next week.



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