Interview with Robert Gar of Thirdlead


We interviewed the talented Robert Gar, the lead singer for Thirdlead. Check it out below.

AudioInferno:   What type of band is Thirdlead?

Robert Gar: We are a gospel rock band with a hard/alternative rock sound.

AI:   Tell us a brief history of your band

Robert Gar: Thirdlead was formed in December 2010 by the band’s lead singer Robert Gar. In spite of the challenges we have faced so far, we have been waxing stronger.

AI:  Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Robert Gar: First on that list would most definitely be my mother. Growing up, I did a lot of Acappellla music thanks to her. Next would be Msugh Anom, our Rock Godfather in Benue State and also, the Rock Band “Red” is a major musical influence. Of course, before I was introduced to Rock, I was brought up listening to Country music- the likes of Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and The Isley Brothers.

AI:   What are your dreams and goals?

Robert Gar: Our Vision as a band is to bring the world and also Christians back to God through our music, through Worship.
Our Motto is: Thirdlead – Changing our World through Worship!

AI:   Who writes the songs and what are they about?

Robert Gar: For now, I write all the songs until someone else decides to pitch in. Our songs talk about various matters- some are about Salvation, our power and authority as New Creations; others are about love, pain, victories in our everyday lives and a lot more.

AI:   How do you promote your shows and bands?

Robert Gar: We are still in the process of seeking a management team to manage our promotions and publicity.

AI:   Describe your show visually and musically?

Robert Gar: Well, visually we handle our shows with as much care as we can because Rock music is a new frontier in Nigeria and so we avoid extremes in a bid not to alienate potential fans.
Consequently, for now we minister slow/alternative rock styles.

AI:   What do you think about Rock music in Africa?

Robert Gar: Well it has been budding for a while now. Even though, there are bands that have broken into International limelight, I still won’t say Rock music in Africa is where it should be. Like I said earlier, it’s a new frontier and there is lots of grounds to cover. In Nigeria, Rock music has been labeled  ‘White boy’ music but thanks to bands like “Threadstone” and a host of others who have done a bit of ground breaking as regards Rock music in Nigeria and to our increasing number of fans and Rock lovers out there, we are making fast progress.

AI:   What is your outlook on the record label industry today?

Robert Gar: Personally, I’d say most of them are leeches, sucking all the “juice” from the talents they represent and then when they are done, the artistes get dumped for the next best thing that comes around. The record labels that are genuinely willing to promote the artistes turn out not to have what it takes to financially and socially promote the talents.

AI:  What is your claim to fame?

Robert Gar: Being a very private person, fame is not something I care about so much. I can handle it at least better than most other people can. I have always been a private person so I believe fame could be a distraction. But since I definitely intend to achieve Thirdlead’s goal of bringing the world back to God through music, then fame is something I would have to deal with.

AI:  What inspires you to do what you do?

Robert Gar: Well, music has never been a career to me but a call- my destiny. It is what I know God wants me to do out of all my talents.

Secondly I believe in affecting lives so no matter what I do, changing lives is always the driving force.

AI:  How does music affect you and the world around you?

Robert Gar: I can’t imagine life without rock music. I’ll honestly have a problem if I go to heaven and there is no rock. God and I will have to make some rearrangements. It is all I listen to, you can hardly see genres apart from rock on my devices except the song is really good and it would be deleted after a while. Music is life summarily- though that’s just my personal opinion.

AI:  What is different in your recording of your music?

Robert Gar: Working the songs to that point of perfection that I would be satisfied with is something that sets our music apart. A lot of folks enjoyed “Sweet Surrender” but on my perfection scale, it did not hit the half mark. So with that, you can imagine how passionate I am about perfection.

AI:  What are the biggest obstacles for African rock bands?

Robert Gar: First would be platform. Then, being valued correctly and of course, finance. We can keep managing the equipment we have but we would never be able to level up with the International rock world if we don’t up our essentials. If you bring out world class sound, you would be celebrated whether or not Nigeria is a rock country. That’s the simple truth.

AI: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there

Robert Gar: For now, we have nothing lined up for the first quarter of this year. Any invites would be considered before we make a commitment. Our priority now is getting the album done and out for our fans out there. But as regards why you should be there, well if you want to enjoy great music and be inspired, then you should be there.

AI:  What advice would you give to the new and upcoming rock bands?

Robert Gar: It is a tough road to walk but keep at it while perfecting yourself. ‘Perfect practice makes perfect’ Always remember, you set yourself on fire and the world will come to watch you burn. (Please I don’t mean in literal terms like petrol and matches oh)


Download & listen to  “Sweet Surrrender” by ThirdLead


Also checkout their Band Page



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