Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 8 ( Battle Of the Bands: Metallica vs Megadeth)

OK! The plan here is simple: we pit two heavyweight bands against each other, YOU get to listen to these bands THEN you get to VOTE on which band you feel won the battle, simple huh?

The bands, Metallica vs Megadeth. Cue in the loud cheers and whistling accompanied with ladies tossing their panties on stage and…stuff.

Err…. hmm.

Now then, we selected two song each for a band so it’s a fair fight (yea, right fair fight he says.) Each band takes a turn. It’s pretty much a turned based battle, RPG style… Pokemon? Anyone… Anyone????

Anyways, the songs played are:

1. Enter Sandman -by- Metallica,

2. Tornado Of Souls -by- Megadeth,

3. Master Of Puppets -by Metallica,

4. Holy War… The Punishment Due -by- Megadeth.

Thou should vote, it’s the law. YOU ONLY GET ONE VOTE, so, knock yourselves out.

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