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Zainab jamming

We had a chit-chat with the talented Nigerian Alternative Rocker Zainab Sule. She’s just released her latest single, Fire Down Below.

AudioInferno: Hello, its a pleasure to have you on What genre of rock do you jam?

Zainab Sule: Hi. Thanks, Rooky, for having me on AudioInferno. Lovely work that you do. Please don’t stop. My name is Zainab Sule. I’m a Singer Songwriter and I play Soft, or slow rock, as it’s called. 🙂

AI: Please give us a brief history about your career

Zainab Sule: I started music professionally in 2010 though I had been playing music longer than that. Not-professionally, I would say the stirrings of my career started in the University of Jos, in 2002, under the art gallery of a school fellowship named G-Force. That was where I started.

AI: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Zainab Sule: I have a thing for contemporary country and rock – so I’ll say Orianthi, Jake Owen, Carrie Underwood, and maybe Tracy Chapman. But Orianthi is by far my favorite. Just because.

AI: What are your dreams, aims and goals?

Zainab Sule: Hmm…That’s a tough question. I do desire though that everyone in Nigeria gets to listen to the songs I put out and that they tell their friends about the music. That’s all I ever wanted.

AI: Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Zainab Sule: I write all my songs. And I focus on life issues. Sometimes it can be God, Love, Hate… In fact my newest single is about sexual temptations. Basically it depends on my song writing mood at that that moment.

AI: How many songs/albums have been released and what does the future hold?

Zainab Sule: I have 2 full length albums, the first is called ATTITUDE and was released in 2010, while the most recent is called ELIXIR, and it was released in May 2012. More recently though, we’ve focused on doing singles and the response has been good, and that’s what we’re are sticking by for now. 🙂
They are all available at local stores (Silverbird Lifestyle) in Abuja and also on iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. You can also buy/listen/download them directly on

As for what the future holds, hmm… I don’t know, o. But what I do know is that for the remaining months to come, God willing, all hands are on deck to push out my lastest single, FIRE DOWN BELOW. The rest is in God’s hands, abeg.

AI: How do you promote your band, shows and songs?

Zainab Sule: Well…promoting anything music in Nigeria can be a bit tough, but if you have people who support what you do then it becomes easier. It’s all about having people around who can spread the word about your music better than you do. That’s what we capitalize on whenever we have an event. Word of mouth, Social Media, very cool flyers and friends. It works all the time. 🙂

AI: What instrument do you play?

Zainab Sule: The guitar is my primary instrument.

AI: When and why did you start playing?

Zainab Sule: Most of my university days in Jos were spent learning to master the guitar. I started playing in 2002.

AI: How do you balance your music with your other obligations?

Zainab Sule: Men. It’s not easy. It’s almost as if my mind is on a roller coaster all the time. But I keep journals, and I tend to focus on one thing at a time. That has helped me more than I can say.


AI: Any advice to the beginners who might be nervous?

Zainab Sule: I would tell them to persist, to never give up. Even when it seems there’s no other way, whatever you do, don’t stop. And keep your ego in your pocket or you won’t go very far. Also, be financially independent. You need money to take your dreams as far as you want. That way you succeed on your own terms. And never quit. Don’t be in a hurry. There’s always a way.

AI: Do you get nervous before a public performance?

Zainab Sule: Always, bro. Always. But then soon as I start to sing, it all fades away. I think it happens to everyone. Nervousness is ‘follow come’ for any live musician.

AI: How is the Rock music scene faring and what can you say may be the future in Africa?

Zainab Sule: Rock has come of age. I think Nigeria is ready – in fact, Africa is ready for the emergence of artistes in the rock genre. As long as more rock artists get more Airplay and more Nigerians get to hear the other side of Alternative Rock, then the sky’s just a stepping stone.

AI: Meaning behind the band name?

Zainab Sule: Since I’m an individual na, should I tell you the meaning of my name? 🙂 I don’t do band names – I’m just simply me – Zainab Sule.


Listen to Fire Down Below and tell us what you think in the comments…




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