The Cover War


Let the games begin.


1LastAuthograh just did the unthinkable a couple days ago, they covered a Nigerian song and from what I’ve gathered they did a better job than the original artist. From my end, they deserve more props than they get, they work hard! They’ve put in work and they will be on top soonish.


Enough emotional tribute to them for the moment. What they don’t know is this, they’ve started a trend that might aid in folks recognising rock music here in Nigeria. The idea is simple, locate a song, a popular song and add a rock vibe to this song. It has to be noted though, the initial idea ISN’T to make the song better. Far from it, if anything it’s usually for kicks. Saw yesterday a Death Metal version of a popular disney song and the guys who made it were like,


“Fuck it, we just wanted to take a piss. We didn’t know people would like it.”


And like it people did. Truth is, most people usually want to hear a different version of a popular song. Why do you think people go crazy for a song that has a remix! (cough TOUCH IT Remix, anyone)


Now then, people will look to 1LastAutograph and say, “hey, wait! We can do them one better.” These guys will locate a super popular song and cover it, and probably make it much better. When this happens, EVERYONE will get in on this action, trying to out do each other. You know Nigerians, when something new hits (a trend) they will always over do it. Which is what I call the “Cover Wars.”


This Cover Wars will have a negative effect though. As much as it will do a lot to elevate rock music here, it’s sure to let these new rock bands lose sight of their original goal and they might end up creating some grotesque-hybrid sub genre of rock music which won’t necessarily be a bad thing until when we can’t define what we are playing then the mass confusion will start. To be honest, I won’t be too bothered about that, the positives of the Cover Wars will out weight the negatives, I’d say… 2:1.


Good odds if you ask me. The ultimate goal is for rock music to get the recognition it truly deserves here, so, thank you 1LastAutograph for starting a potentially good war, The Cover War.


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