Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 9

Seem like my priorities are being tested here, see, everyone knows I am a sucker, a schmuck for Heavy metal but recently, I find myself listening to Death metal, Brutal metal and even Power metal. Yes, yes, yes I know… it isn’t me. But the podcast isn’t only about me is it?

So, I decided to sample a couple of bands and Zombies Ate  My Girlfriend got  my attention. They are brutal and unrelenting, I am sure the guys down at the review section will agree. I must say, I am fan of the band now. Be sure to check out their newest album also, by clicking on this link:



And that’s what this is all about yes, exposing you to stuffs you normally wouldn’t even touch. So, you are super welcome. And before I forget, HUGE shout-out to 1LastAuthograph. Love their new single, (which happens to be a cover of Bank W’s song) had to include it on the show, if you haven’t heard it… you are welcome, again.

Insane collection of songs today, be sure to leave a comment too people, we feed off of that here, it sustains us.

  1. Silent Night -by- Zombies Ate  My Girlfriend
  2. YES/NO(Cover) -by- 1LastAuthogragh (Original as sang by Banky W)

  3. Steel Tormentor -by- Helloween

  4. Storming the Burning Fields -by- DragonForce

  5. Straight To Hell -by- Venom.


Well there you have it! fucking ace songs, love them, jam them, share em!!!!!!!!




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