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Fuck it, we all know art goes well with rock music! We all know it and we love it too. Think of a band like Mastodon, awesome art for all their albums, my all time fav from them has to be the Leviathan album art. It always rings in my head.

So, we at Audio Inferno ran into a buddy and we discussed a little about art and rock music. Awesome guy he is, Eruka by name. A Nigerian, by birth. Awesome artist too, sorry, concept artist. My bad, check this here:

Looks like someone you know? Definitely. We’ve seen a tons of his works and we are convinced he’s going places. We hope he will be handling some album art designs soon too.


We had a talk with the man himself and here’s what he had to say.

AudioInferno: What inspires your artwork?

Eruka: Rock music inspires my Art works and other artist like me especially concept artist.

AI: What’s your favourite genre or sub genre of rock music?

Eruka: Death Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Gothic Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Progressive Metal.


AI: What do you hope to achieve with your awesome artwork?

Eruka: To be a concept artist in future and affect the rock music genre itself.


AI: Let’s us know how people can get more access to your work (Twitter , Facebook, Instagram or other social media)

Eruka: IG: Erukaslim instagram Twitter: @efaina twitter Facbook: Eruka Slim Efa facebook

Snapchat: Eruka6

And there you have it folks, from the clearly talented man himself. Do give him a holla will ya?

Drop your thoughts below!


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