13 Reasons Why Rock Music Rocks Over Pop/Hip Hop


So I was scouring the web as I’m prone to do and stumbled across this post from the forums over at Digital Spy which I found funny and thought to share…

1. Rock bands don’t shout their name at the intro of their songs which is the current egotistical trend for many African acts who didn’t even write the song they’re stamping their name all over.

2. Rock bands don’t jump around flashing designer labels and thick gold chains while having a bunch of mixed race girls gyrate upon them like they are some kind of gods purely because they’ve been chosen to perform on a song some overweight 40 year old music producer wrote for them.

3. Rock bands don’t collaborate with about five different trendy flavour of the month artists on each song each providing the valuable contribution of reciting about two lines. In most cases collaborating does not involve actually writing anything

4. While “superstars” like Wizkid and JLS are selling thousands of copies to get to #1 in the singles chart, “unknown nobody” rockbands like Metallica, Disturbed and Tool are selling millions of albums and selling out arenas all over the world.

5. Rock bands write their songs. They start up and make it on their own. All this is done without the help of Don Jazzy, RedOne, Tha Suspect, Diane Warren or whoever else wrote your favourite popular song.

6. Rock is a bunch of people in a room creating music with instruments. It is a craft and it takes talent which is why only rock bands can make rock music whereas the easy to make RnB comes off the conveyor belt at the ready made hits factory.

7. Rock bands don’t plast their mugs on the cover of their albums. They have art work on it.

8. Rock bands’ music is famous, not them. They can walk down the street without being noticed but their music is all over films and TV shows because they are chosen to soundtrack emotional and intense scenes.

9. Rock bands let the music do the talking, not their outfits.

10. Rock bands are intelligent and articulate and able to talk about topics other than bitches, ho’s and designer sunglasses.

11. Rock bands don’t need to appear on Idol, tell a sob story to Tiwa Savage, pass an assessment conducted by musical genius Danni Minogue and try to sell themselves to Simon Cowell.

12. Rock music has emotion, artistic integrity and an organic production that is focused upon letting the music resonate.

13. Rock bands make albums where each track flows from one to the other with fluency and is pieced together to be a journey from start to finish. Not 10 random tracks thrown together by a million different producers and songwriters. By the way I’m talking about rock bands like Jimmy Eat World, Rise Against, Death Cab for Cutie, Skillet, in case any of you wanna let me know that Nickelback posed topless on one of their album covers or that Bon Jovi collaborated with Max Martin.


Culled from forums.digitalspy.co.uk


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