Kenyan Band ParkingLotGrass working with surprise artist!


ParkingLotGrass in action

ParkingLotGrass are working on a new track from their upcoming album “Tusk At Hand”. The single, which is titled “Turn Around” is a joint effort with the beautiful & talented Nigerian rocker, Clay.

During the song writing process, the band sought to feature other artists on the album. As fate would have it, Clay happened to reach out to ParkingLotGrass looking to working with the band. “We all had assumptions about her music being ‘ordinarily’ Nigerian but after listening to her first single ‘Lemanya’….we were certain she was the perfect voice for inclusion in the album,” says frontman Duncan Muriira.

The track will be released on April 1st 2015.

Check out Clay’s band page & watch her video for Lemanya


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