A Confusing Interview With Axl, A Riff Mercenary?


So the other day we caught up with Axl. He was working on some stuff that caught our attention that he had initially announced on his Twitter account. Truth is, he works here at AudioInferno but we caught up with him still.

If you were at the last Metal and Romance you would have seen him in action with 1LastAutograph where he played the song Free Speech For the Dumb. We were there and we remember the moment well enough, t’was epic.

We decided to have a sit down with  Axl and discuss what he was on about on Twitter and what he’s been up to.


AudioInferno: Hey Axl, it’s a plea…

Axl: (cuts in) Can I just say, this is super weird. Me getting interviewed by guys I work with. You guys are making me uncomfortable. I need to take a piss.

AI: Err… Well, it’s a pleasure to have you with us here at Audio Inferno.

Axl: I’m always here, like, every time… No, like… All the time.

AI: So tell us, what have you been up to lately… After Metal And Romance?

Axl: Is this a job interview? I’m freaking out bro.

AI: Just answer will you.

Axl: sigh FINE! I’ll play along. Up to this point after Metal And Romance, I carried on writing Heavy Metal riffs. I think I have enough now to make two albums too, with a band… That I don’t have.

AI: Yes, I was coming to that, why don’t you have a band?

Axl: There’s a simple answer to that! Batman works solo.


AI: No he doesn’t, he has Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing etc. He even has a dog that wears a mask.

Axl: I know right (screams) Like what’s up with that anyways. Anyways, the real reason I don’t have a band is simple as I said. I have a clear idea of what I want my band to play and sound like, and I’m not willing to compromise that for something else. I love Metal and I only want to play Metal. The other guys want to play Alternative rock, soft rock, that’s cool but I won’t do that. If it takes me forever to get the band I want, I’ll take that.

AI: OK then, so, tell us. What do you think about the current crop of rock bands in Nigeria?

Axl: I swear this is a trap question! What answer will you prefer, the truth or the dirty truth?

AI: Both won’t hurt.

Axl: The truth is, they are all awesome. They are doing what we figured couldn’t be done here. So, they deserve all the credit they get for their hype and buzz

The dirty truth, they aren’t doing enough to compete. Nowhere near enough. Consistency has to be a part of your routine if you run a band. I’m talking tours, shows etc. We don’t see that. Why? Beats me but the time will come where bands here will tour the country and outside the country.


AI: So we caught wind of your working on something, a song, riff? You let out small details on Twitter. Could you tell us about that?

Axl: You didn’t catch wind nothing, I told you all. Gosh! Always professional-like with you guys! C’MON! But yes, I have completed work on a riff I wrote after my sister passed away. Titled it Heaven Wails, Hell Wails. Hardest thing I’ve ever worked on. I get overly emotional when I play it too. Literally worked on it for two years. Never satisfied with how it turned out. Until now.

AI: So, what now?

Axl: I recorded a demo video of it and I’m hoping someone out there will see it and add their own riff or solos to it, lyrical contents perhaps. I have the video available for people to watch and listen to even.


Consider this an open challenge to all.


AI: Do you smoke?

Axl: (laughs) The answer to that is nanya.


AI: nanya?

Axl: nanya bizzness!

AI: Do you have a girlfriend?

Axl: Yes.

AI: Are you gay?

Axl: (stares at me straight)

AI: People want to know these things, the truth will always come out. Get it? Come out? No? Ok. Moving on…

Last question, if you get asked to join a band now, will you take that chance?

Axl: I’ve thought about that for a while, and I think the answer is a firm no. I will, however, play with a band if they ask me to. I’d like to think of myself as a mercenary of some sort. Kind of like Solid Snake, with a guitar.

AI: Thats all we have for you Axl, thank it for turning up and having this sit down with us here.

Axl: Pleasure, cheers.


So, there you have it people. And as promised the video Axl has for you guys. Feeling up for the challenge? Then get on it. You can contact us here at Audio Inferno or meet the man directly via Twitter or mail.


Twittertwitter: @AxlPif

Emailmail: cheyiokoaye@yahoo.com.


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