Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 11 (Battle Of the Bands)

Y’all know me already, I love me proper Metal. If you know me well enough you know that statement was a subliminal message also!

WELCOME EVERYONE, to another edition of Battle Of the Bands. And we have the grand daddies of Heavy Metal going at each other here:

Led Zeppelin VS Black Sabbath.

Both bands I got into a bit late but I haven’t looked back ever since I got their record (oh yes, I actually buy some of these records…with actual money…online)

A lot of people who love Heavy Metal actually don’t do these bands so as always I’m shoving it down their throat cos I’m savage like that. They’d song on the show are:

  1. Hats Of To (Roy) Harper -by- Led Zeppelin
  2. Iron Man -by- Black Sabbath
  3. Black Dog -by- Led Zeppelin
  4. Planet Caravan -by- Black Sabbath
  5. Stairway To Heaven -by- Led Zeppelin
  6. Paranoid -by- Black Sabbath

There you have it. Impressive list of I do say so me self! As promised, this podcast will be available for download. And the other podcast after his here too. You are all welcome. Our own way here at Audio Inferno of saying a big thank you for sticking with us.

Here’s the download link as promised:


Be sure to vote below guys, can’t let your fav bad lose can ya?!



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