What to listen to this Election weekend


So the Nigerian elections are here and we realise that a lot of people will be ideally twiddling their thumbs at home after they have exercised their civic duty and placed their votes. Being the nice guys that we are, we came up with a playlist to listen to during this period. Without any further preamble, to the list! In no particular order:


  • The ever talented Nigerian Post Hardcore band 1LastAutograph with their hit single “All Or Nothing”


  • Muse with their epic rock anthem Uprising! 


  • Hero of War by punk rock stalwarts Rise Against


  • Peace Douglas (Self proclaimed Queen of Heavy Metal) with the rather cheeky (at least, we find it cheeky) Stop Corruption! track which is highly relevant considering the topic of this playlist 


  • The amazing Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal song Blood Will Never Run Dry By Hero’s Fate 


  • God Heal Nigeria by Nigeria’s Premier Rock Band ThreadStone 


  • The classic anthem Thunderstruck by Heavy Metal Kings AC/DC 


  • The beautiful and uplifting Ocho by Nigeria’s Phrance


  • Linkin Park with From The Inside. Just listen to Chester sing with all that passion! Nu Metal awesomeness.


  • Nigerian duo Rooftop MCs with Lagimo feat. Cobhams 

Iced O

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