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We can all celebrate a collaboration. I mean, I for one will celebrate it. But, it rarely happens in rock music. Even when it does, the rock bands don’t shove it in your face saying:

“Hey you! Shit face! We collaborated with so-and-so. Listen to our song or die.”

Well, something similar. Truth is, there’s nothing wrong with a little hassling from bands ESPECIALLY if they know the song’s gonna make the sides of your lips itch upwards in delight, you know, kinda like how ParkingLotGrass did when they decided to feature our very own Clay. The song I speak of? Turn Around.

My head did a turn around (lame pun intended, sue me, please don’t sue me.)

I will be honest here, I don’t know much about ParkingLotGrass. But right after I sampled this song here and I thought to myself, “dude, you know you’ll be a noob if you don’t try out their other songs here”

And so I tried their other songs! Then I got angry. How will such a band exist here and I wouldn’t know about it. How often do we neglect the fact that  there are bands in Africa doing it as good as the guys we are used to?! ParkinglotGrass aren’t playing, at all. Listening to them here on this track I kind of figured they were telling me, “yes bro, we know, we know you’re liking this here track!Why don’t you tell your other buddies about us now.” To which I did.

I’m a fan now.

I remember at M&R telling Clay her voice can cut through most song, I specifically said Metal songs. This isn’t Metal but it bloody well has the elements. Tossing a lil Delay+Reverb isn’t cheating it’s meant to be with her voice because Delay and Reverb don’t contest with her voice, they work in tantrum with her…voice! Wait, I haven’t spoken about the track yet! Dammit!

I won’t bloody ruin it for you (and I want to) but I will tell you this, the song didn’t let me down. ….OK, I will ruin it for you because I’m nice like that.

Slow paced, with Clay’s voice teasing the ear in the background, I swear it was intentional and it was right. Duncan Muriira cuts in at the right moment. While ALL instruments play at the right moment also, it didn’t seem like the instruments where vying for attention. They all seemed to know their time would come. At a point, I said to myself “I bet Clay’s waiting on the wings waiting to do a bit from the movie The Shining (go see the movie.)

And indeed Clay came in, smashing the door that is my hardened mind with an AXE (probably announcing “heeeeeeeeeere’s good music”)

I honestly don’t want to give it all away but I did have a problem; the solo! It was a gigantic teaser! WHY YOU DO THAT, ParkingLotGrass? I’m a fan of Metal and I love me a solo, not a short one.

Duncan Muriira, Victor Chweya, Alistair Gould, Ronjey The Rocktopus and  Amos Kiptoon ALL know their strengths. No weaknesses here! None! Having CLAY on the song only made an awesome song even better!

My final verdict was an easy one to be honest:

4.5/5 STARS.

I’m holding on to the .5 for two reasons: it isn’t a Metal song (please don’t sue me) and the solo was a huge teaser. I don’t like to be teased so. All in all, it’s a song worth hearing again and again and again and ag…

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This review is written by Cheyi Okoaye AKA AxlPif AKA Skippy Duran, a crazy guitarist. You can check out his ramblings on Twitter twitter @AxlPif and a recent interview we had with him HERE

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