Song Review: Still I Love by Komos (Feat CLAY)

I’ll be brutally honest here. No, trust me I WILL BE BRUTALLY honest here. I saw the song art of the song and I was not impressed.

I’m still not impressed. I hate it. Wait… Let me chill and see if I still hate it…

Song Cover Art

Song Cover Art


Yes, I bloody well still fudging hate it.

But you see, a good song doesn’t need song art to show it’s good or catchy or eternal. Perhaps we place too much emphasis on the song art these days. A good song needs a face, we can’t hide that. It’s just how it should be these days, a really good face.

I don’t know who Komos is but, I know he has a song here titled “Still I Love” that can save a lot of people when their hearts are broken by some guy who thinks he’s a stud and it’s his God-given right to hurt a woman OR some girl who thinks storing a guy’s name on her phone (and he finds out) as “Mr Maga Who Go Always Drop Money If I Show am Side Boob or Ankle.”

The song speaks to you. It sits with you and it jams itself with you…wait, wait, wait… Huh?!

Komos has what most rock bands here don’t have, (debatable, perhaps) a good voice. I know what you’re thinking, feel free to challenge me in the comment section if you must people. I never shy away from a good argument.

A good voice needs another good voice, sometimes to make a song “lovely,” so, having CLAY on this song feels like the only thing Komos needed to make this song into something which I feel will be memorable.

The song is greatly dominated by the singing (or vocal [pick one]) of these two so much so, it’s hard to notice the instruments in the back. Is this good? Is this bad? I don’t know. Why must you ask me?

Oh, wait, I’m actually suppose to answer this. Well, I think it works for this song here. Vocals drowning the instrument isn’t a problem when you have so much faith in your voice power (looking your way Clay) and your delivery (looking your way Komos.) I’m no musical expert, the good Lord will back me on that but I do have good ears.

Choked instruments or not, it’s a lovely song. A lovely, soft rock song.

Perhaps we here have lost track of the fact that there are other genres of rock music! This ISN’T a song you can nod your head to or throw a horn sign too, this is a song you can relax too. That don’t hurt, at all. You need love or you’ve lost love, perhaps this is the song for you.

I feel my rating of this song will be justified when folks get in on this.

     4.o/5 Stars

The song’s a keeper.

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This review is written by Cheyi Okoaye AKA AxlPif AKA Skippy Duran, a crazy guitarist. You can check out his ramblings on Twitter twitter @AxlPif and a recent interview we had with him HERE


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