Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 13


Some how we’ve made it to Episode 13. And my mind tells me we should be on Episode 8. Something is wrong somewhere or right. Either way Episode 13 is here and it’s packed with extremely random ass songs. Wanted to mixing it all today, a lil something-something for everyone out there, also available for download too.

Decided to try two new bands today, instantly loving em too. Perhaps I should be a lot more open-minded. Either that or I should remove my head from my ass and embrace other genre of rock music…

…Boy that was not needed!

We have 8 fucking songs laid out, strategically. Yes, I used that word. I arranged the songs the way they are for a reason which isn’t your bizz-niss! Not that you care that much, you’re just hear to jam with me and love them songs like I love em…right, RIGHT?

1. Remnants (Instrumental) -by- Disturbed
2. The Scope Of Obsession – Carnifex
3. Inner Vision -by- System Of A Down
4. Another One Bites The Dust -by- Queen
5. The Mercenary -by- Iron Maiden
6. Doctor Alibi -by- Slash (and Lemmy Kilmister
7. Shattered Like Grass -by- Warbringer
8. Season In the Abyss -by- Slayer.

So random. Had a ton of fun doing this show in particular. Is it my fav one so far…neeeeeeeeeeeeh! I don’t have a fav yet, if I do I’ll be sure to do a re-run. Yea, you’d like that wouldn’t you!

Be sure to download the podcast if you can’t stream it. Don’t hoard all your damn data, gosh, so hoardy(TM)

Cheers, have a lovely weekend

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