Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 14

Episode 14 is here and we are reeling in excitement. Sadly this week’s episode WON’T be A Battle Of The Bands episode, but another collection of random ass songs for you to love and rave too if you’re feeling overly excited and stuff…and stuff.

1. In This River -by- Black Label Society
2. Houdini -by- Forster the People
3. Fever -by- Bullet For My Valentine
4. Ulysses -by- Franz Ferdinand
5. Talk -by- Coldplay
6. Just Breath -by- Demon Hunter
7. Open Your Life -by- Helloween

As you can see folks a lot more song this time again. And a Coldplay song too. A damn good Coldplay song I must add… TAKE THAT, AHHHH YA!!!!!!

Now the, AudioInferno condemns the xenophobic attack going on in South Africa. It’s barbaric and sadistic. You guys doing this shit down there are pussies! God smite you! Love music not harm your kind.

Here’s all we have for you guys out there, be sure to download the podcast to folks, cheers.

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