My Favourite Guitar Solos (NosMass)


I tell’s you this, we here at AudioInferno Towers aren’t hiding our identities (as some folks think) so in an attempt to give each creator of this site a face, from time to time, we will be doing posts or articles like this, who knows you might identify with one of us easily and so on and so on and…

Anyway, NosMass is sharing his favourite guitar solos. Check them out…

Hello Humans

Welcome to another random rock related article. Today I will be going through a list of my favourite guitar solos.

But wait…what is a guitar solo? Well according to wiki “a guitar solo is a melodic passage, section, or entire piece of music written for an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. Guitar solos, which sometimes contain varying degrees of improvisation, are used in many styles of popular music such as blues, swing, jazz, jazz fusion, rock and metal.”

So why are these solos my favourite? Well different reasons. Some, were pleasant surprises that I didn’t expect to hear when I first heard the song (Because I am not used to hearing solos in that particular sub genre). Others just blew my mind. But most of all, I actually remember every note in the solo. Basically I feel the solo’s are memorable. I will be posting YouTube links to the full songs. But if you want to skip the awesome build ups, the exact points where the solos start will be Indicated.

So enough talk.




The solo begins at the 4:09 mark




Solo begins at the 2:40




Solo begins at the 2:30 mark



4) Galneryus: hunting for your dream

This one has a SPECIAL place in my heart….You will see why once you watch.

Solo begins at the 2:45 mark


5)AUGUST burns red: Internal Cannon

Solo begins at the 2:01 mark


6)NoGod : Kamikaze

Solo begins at the 2:40 mark



That is it! (for now). I shall continue this list another day.

So, I’m sure some of you might be wondering why bands like Judas Priest and Metallica are not in this list. Well as I said earlier, these are MY  solos. :p deal with it.


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