Intolerance Is Not The Rock Way


You like music so much. It’s great. It speaks to you when no one else can. You’re extreme. You love rock music, you probably think you’re better than everyone else. Then one day, it happens; the lead singer of your favourite Metalcore band “comes out of the closet,” he’s as gay as yellow.

Something in your mind snaps. You stop listening to this said band, you burn all their records and then you become a representative against the gay community.

You’re a tool.

For me, it’s stupid to hate a band just because you only found out recently someone in it is gay. Why? Well, for starters, what difference does it make? They still sound the same. The band plays well too. So, why is it a problem when this happens?

I don’t have answers, I’m not giving either. Thing is, the moment you invest your time into someone’s sexual orientation that’s the moment you become a hating ass lackey.

Queen (stand up and pay your respect damn you) had a front man by the name of Freddy Mercury (STAND UP DAMN YOU, I just mentioned Freddy Mercury.) Generally considered to be one of the greatest showman in rock music history. His voice was so good enough people didn’t give a nickel he was gay, so gay in fact it rubbed into the band’s music videos especially for the song “I Want To Break Free”. He even got his band members to play along. Whether it’s a show of support or tolerance I really don’t know but it’s a great song and the video’s hilarious and that’s not the only great song from the band mind you.

You won’t admit it so I’ll admit it for you:

GAY PEOPLE MAKE GOOD MUSIC, that you love. Don’t hide it.

Another band, Scissors Sisters (you think of this band name and you mind goes to two girls with their vagina kissing…what you thought I wasn’t going to saying it. Ha! You know nothing, John Snow. Editor’s Note: Pretty sure only you thought that) have a band set up in which everyone’s gay. Four dudes (a dude with the name Babydaddy mind you) and a lady. Bros and Sis they make awesome music. I can’t tell you how awesome this band is. Not even gonna suggest songs for you to try, go explore on your own. What am I to you, Virgil (A Divine Comdedy reference if you’re wondering)

Cynic founders and former Death members Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinart are gay. Cynic is a progressive rock band that initially started out as more of Technical Death Metal. This particular song is Technical Death Metal with clean singing! Epic.

Tolerance is needed in modern society. Perhaps a lot more than we’re giving. If you suddenly stop listening to a band cos a member comes out gay, then you’re missing out on a band you actually love. Focus on the bloody music not what band members do in private. How and why is that your business again?



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