The 2015 Zainab Sule Tour – Bringing the music to you


It’s that time of the year again.

Every year, for the past four years, Zainab Sule embarks on a month-long tour to promote her music. These tours have been significant in gaining recognition for her brand and her style of music. Her songs, intense lyrics and laid back style make you fall so much in love with the music that your fingers stay glued to the replay button. It’s really no wonder her fans dubbed her the Queen of Soft Rock.

About the Tour

Zainab Sule will embark on a 2 month tour running from May – June 2015 in Abuja and Lagos. The aim is just to bring the music to you, wherever you are. Look below for dates when you’ll be free and make sure you come around! Attendance is free.

To get Zainab to come perform at your event this tour, call Wale on 08036486204. Or email

Tour Dates & Venues (May, Abuja):

Friday, May 1st – Abuja Literary Society, SANDRALIA HOTEL, Jabi, Abuja, 7pm
Saturday, May 2nd – Trip to Orphanage 11am
Wednesday, May 6th – Classic Rock Cafe, 118 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, 7pm – 9pm
Thursday, May 7th – Salamander Cafe with Bemsar, Bujumbura Street, Wuse 2, Abuja, 7pm
Freedom Hall, Casalinda, beside Exclusive Stores, Wuse 2, 7pm
May 31st – Comedy Assembly with Nick B, 3Js Hotel, Utako 5pm

More dates pending confirmation. If you live in Abuja be sure to attend!

Lagos Details (June)

Zainab will be at Nigeria Info with 4lah, TVC, and a couple of local interviews before heading to Akure for a private show. More dates still coming up.

Past Dates

Jan 10th 2015 – ‘Weekend Deal’ (6am Morning Show) – NTA International
Jan 24th 2015 – ‘The Talk’ on NTA Entertainment


Notable performances in 2014: Venezuelan Embassy National Day, American Embassy, American University (AUN) Yola Peace Concert, Social Good inauguration, and several countless private events.


Stay tuned to AudioInferno for more details as we get it.

More tour dates can be found at her website


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