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Re-run season, get your memory hats on folks we’re take a dive into the past, podcast I mean. We here at Audio Inferno have had some pretty insane podcast episodes so, I’m just lazy enough to not put up anything up today but instead make you listen to my favourite or my top 3 podcast episodes…and stuff.

I have my top 3 pick ready folks, ARE YOU READY?! Damn well better, think fast!


1. Audio Infero Podcast Episode 3

This episode features a shift from the usual style of the show of the past (back when it was called Axl’s Rock Radio or ARR) features a pretty good mix of songs AND some serious fan service, the songs include:

  1. Carry On -by- Avenged Sevenfold,
  2. Take the Power Back -by- Rage Against the Machines,
  3. Overkill -by- Metallica (originally by Motorhead),
  4. Indestructible -by- Disturbed,
  5. Toxicity -by- System Of a Down,
  6. Bleed It Out -by- Linkin Park,
  7. We Will Rock You -by- Queen.
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2. Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 6 (Valentine Special?!!!!)

I personally love this episode cos it completely went against the typical soft, loving mood of valentine’s day or season. All songs here are fast and hard hitting, watch out for the very last song on the show.

  1. Scream, Aim, Fire -by- Bullet For my Valentine
  2. The Prince -by- Metallica
  3. The Disintergrator -by- Megadeth
  4. Overkill (LIVE) -by- Motorhead
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3. Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 13

Now this here’s a special one, first time I featured 8 songs on the show. All insane songs too, it also prove popular in the rock groups too and that can’t hurt you none. I personally recommend downloading this here episode folks.

1. Remnants (Instrumental) -by- Disturbed
2. The Scope Of Obsession – Carnifex
3. Inner Vision -by- System Of A Down
4. Another One Bites The Dust -by- Queen
5. The Mercenary -by- Iron Maiden
6. Doctor Alibi -by- Slash (and Lemmy Kilmister
7. Shattered Like Grass -by- Warbringer
8. Season In the Abyss -by- Slayer.

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And there you have it! My top 3 podcast episodes so far. Let me know which is your best in the comment section too. Be sure to catch our podcast every Friday too guys, there’s plenty more from where all these came from!



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