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We sat down to have a chat with Matt Bairstow and Craig Goudge of South African Instrumental Progressive Metal band, Poverty Of Ideals. Matt is the Bass guitar player while Craig plays the electric guitar. There’s a third member, Kyle Williams, who plays the drums.

AudioInferno: Hello, it’s a pleasure to have you on AudioInferno!

Poverty Of Ideals: It’s a pleasure to be here

AI: What genre of rock/metal do you listen to?

POI: We all listen to many different music, obviously the majority of it is music on the more Progressive side of things, but also nothing wrong with a power ballad, haha!

AI: Could you give us a brief history about the band?

POI: We started in 2009, as a metal band looking for a vocalist and a second guitarist. We never found either one so we kept writing music over the years. We transformed into an instrumental band, creating new music to make up for the lack of a vocalist. I guess you could say we were properly formed in around 2012. Since then we have released an album, done a few tours and played venues all across the country, including SA’s biggest festivals, and sharing stages with various international bands.

AI: Meaning behind the band name?

POI: There is no real deep underlying meaning, we wanted a name that makes you think, kind of like how our music makes you think. There are many ways to interpret the name, which we thought worked well with the technical approach we take towards writing our songs.

AI: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Matt: Being a musician there are just too many amazing players and bands that have influenced and inspired me over the years, but to Victor Wooten will always be my biggest inspiration.

Craig: My musical influences range from Textures and TesseracT, Periphery and Protest The Hero, and everything in-between. Non-musical influences would be POT.

AI: What was it that drew you to progressive metal?

Matt: Mainly being able to write music without the generic structures/expectations of most genres, I don’t think we ever actually decided one day that we will be an “Instrumental Progressive Metal band”, it kind of just fell into place. Progressive music is amazing because there are no rules or limitations, it’s all about being free and going where the music takes you.

Craig: For me personally, it was the way the music made you think. The excitement that music didn’t have to stick to or fit into a particular song structure. The idea that music could be made to portray an emotion, any emotion. I think that progressive metal pushes boundaries on technical abilities of instruments. By far the most interesting and challenging music in the world. In my little world.

AI: I listened to 2 songs and didn’t hear any singing. Are you strictly an instrumental band?

POI: Well we have played as an Instrumental band for a long time, but we’ve always said that if we ever found the right vocalist that we all agree on, we may reconsider. That being said, We really enjoy being an instrumental band, it really pushes us to write music that speaks for itself.

AI: What are your dreams, aims and goals?

POI: To be able to make Poverty of Ideals a full-time job would be the ideal dream.

AI: Who writes the songs? what are they about?

POI: We all write the songs together as a band. The more response from each band member, the more the songs become ours rather than one person’s
ideas and influence.

AI: How many songs/albums have been released? and what does the future hold?

POI: We have released a full length album Barriers and a single, Chasing Infinity.
We are working on new material at the moment, and cant wait to share it with the world. We want to play bigger shows & festivals and we would love to test the waters overseas.

AI: How do you promote the bands and shows and songs

POI: It’s all social media for us. A band like us does not get support from radio stations or TV. We depend on the usual avenues like Twitter, Facebook, Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, Instagram. To name a few…

AI: How do you guys balance your music with your other obligations?

POI: Well for the most part we all do music for a living. We are lucky to not have to hold down a desk job in the corporate world, but we have to do a bit of everything when it comes to music. Teach, write, and perform. It does take a lot of time management to juggle it all, but you do what you have to. One of the most difficult things to do on a guitar is… pay those fucking bills.

AI: Any advice to the beginners who might be nervous?

POI: Be nervous!! It keeps you on your toes

AI: Do you get nervous before a public performance?

POI: We all get a bit nervous before a performance, but as we start playing it always goes away.

AI: How is the Rock music scene fairing and what can you say may be the future in Africa ?

POI: There is only one way it can go. UP!!!

AI: Thanks for taking time out to talk to us.

POI: The pleasure is all ours

You can catch up with Poverty of Ideals on Facebook facebook, Twitter twitter and Bandcamp Here

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