A Band Named “Rocker.”

Law and Order Cover


What do we have us here? So, this here I can’t put a finger on and I know how to put my fingers on things. Wait… don’t be letting your mind wonder off far like!
ROCKER! Yep, there is a band called Rocker, from the UK. Now what makes them interesting isn’t that they sound like a wicked mash of Radiohead and Moby (with a dash of subtle teasing riffs in he background) oh no people. That’s not it. What makes them interesting is  they are looking to Africa see. They believe their music has a chance here. Their music had a chance with me already I like it.
Yea, I said it! I had me the chance to sample ONE SONG. And I got thinking:
“Hey, hey, you guys can’t do that. You guys can’t sound like two Radiohead then Moby.”
What? You think I’m messing with y’all? Chill a bit, I’m gonna leave this here for y’all to sample. If your aren’t curious by the time the song’s done then you need Jesus and two more ears.
What’s that? Did I hear you say “shut up already and take my money!!!”
The word is they have an album out already which was released on January 1st 2015 titled Law and Order. And get this folks, they went ahead and released Law and Order part 2 on March 20th!
Yep, they aren’t playing see. They also have a single called 2050 out too, y’all should totally look that up. AND ALSO, they will be releasing to a “concept album” pretty soonish titled “Innerworld”
Where can you get these? All their work can be found in major music store, I’m talking iTunes, Google, Amazon too. So you have no excuse not to look them up now yo.
We here at AudioInferno support any band which targets Africa! We’re hoping to have an interview with them soon too. Show some support guys for great music.


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