A Chat with Karla Valentine

Karla Valentine

We had an interview with the talented Karla Valentine from South Africa. She plays soft rock, blues and folk. Her voice really caught our attention here at AudioInferno Towers and we’ll be keeping an eye on her. Check out our interview.

AudioInferno: Hello! Nice to have you here.

Karla Valentine: It’s a pleasure to be here.

AI: So when did you know you wanted to sing?

KV: I started getting into song writing when I was about 12, after a couple of years the obvious answer seemed that I should have a go on stage.

AI: So you are a solo act?

KV: Yeah. At the moment it’s just me on acoustic guitar and vocals.

AI: Describe your music and motivations?

KV: It’s difficult to explain my sound to someone who hasn’t heard me. I’d say it’s acoustic music with slight influence of folk, blues and soft rock. I haven’t heard many comparisons. When I started singing, the only thing I wanted to do was to get songs out of me, which is still pretty much the same. I love song writing.

AI: Where was your first concert?

KV: My first show was at Aandklas Stellenbosch in December 2010

AI: So where are you based?

KV: I’m from all over but mostly Stellenbosch here in South Africa. However, I’ve also lived in Malmesbury and England.

AI: Why did you pick acoustic music to focus on instead of rock?

KV: I love rock music, so I would love to do that. But when I pick up my guitar, my current style just comes out. So I just let myself and the music go where it wants to.

AI: Have you recorded anything?

KV: I have one EP out, which was recorded about two years ago. It’s got 5 original tracks which I recorded with session musician friends of mine.

AI: What was you best gig/concert and your worst?

KV: Best gig is a difficult one. Probably any gig I’ve played at the Nameless Pub in Somerset West. The people there are great and the sound is great. I’ve had a couple of bad gigs, usually when the sound isn’t good. I also recently tripped on stage and hurt my knee quite badly, sometimes I’m not so graceful. The thing I fear most is forgetting my words but you can’t expect every performance to be the same, sometimes people make mistakes.

AI: What are the biggest obstacles you’ve come across as an artist?

KV: I think the biggest obstacle is making a living out of it, if that’s what you’d like to do. In that case there’s no such thing as “selling out”. If you have a boss, like in any other work environment, you’re going do what you’re told. I’m lucky that at the moment I can just write what I feel.

AI: What about people who just download music for free?

KV: I don’t think it’s such a big deal. If you want to make money from your music then you’ll find a way to do it either through tours or something else.

Karla Valentine

AI: What is Karla Valentine like outside of music?

KV: I’m studying at the moment through correspondence but outside of that I enjoy pc games, baking and going out with my friends.

AI: What inspires you to do what you do?

KV: My inspiration for writing normally comes from how I am feeling, and I’ll write as a need to express it. It also depends on which band I’m listening to then. I do have singers whose character inspires me greatly: Jacoby Shaddix, Corey Taylor, Amy Winehouse, Brent Smith, Bob Dylan and others.

AI: What’s the funniest/most memorable thing a fan has done for you?

KV: My biggest fans are my friends, so many funny moments. I once forgot my words on stage and one of my friends knew my lyrics so well that I could continue the song with his help from the crowd. There are too many moments to mention.


AI: Any tips for people looking to get into music?

KV: Pick up the guitar, that’s all you need to do. Usually the first half of a song comes easily to me, after that I’d have to sit and figure out the rest of the lyrics. If you like what you’ve written, you’ll want to keep playing it. Never forget the enjoyment you get out of playing, singing, song writing and performing. We’re in this because we love what we do.

AI: Thanks again for granting us this interview.

KV: You’re welcome

You can hear more from Karla Valentine on her Facebook page facebook, on Twitter twitter and via SoundCloud Here

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