Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 15


IN… INPAPASIFATED?! No that can’t be right. Anyways it has to be one of the above. Strange word too, never used it before. I love it now…. It’s mine! I invented the word, I’m keeping it too.

As the story goes, I was incapacitated last week, reason I couldn’t bring this show to you guys. I also got a lotta stick from you guys… I want to say screw you too these buddies of mine buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, NO!!! I was gonna though, just leaving that out there, so we clear.

Got some great songs for you good people out there, great mix if I do say so me self (I do say so me self)

[WARNING] The very last song on the show is a little err… funny on the ear, my suggestion is you turn down the volume on your earphone or earbuds if you value the function of your ear, your left ear in particular.


  1. The Call Of Ktulu -by- Metallica
  2. A.Z -by- Black Label Society
  3. Bazooka Joe -by- B – Foundation
  4. Surfing With Aliens -by- Joe Satriani
  5. For Whom the Bell Tolls -by- Apocalyptica
  6. Light My Fire -by- The Doors


Ok, uh huh. Not the greatest cast of songs you might be thinking. Not till you try it first huh. Remember folks, the last song… be careful.

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