BBC doing a documentary on Skinflint

The BBC are doing a documentary on Skinflint and the Botswana Metal scene. It begins airing at the following times:

  1. 03:30 GMT
    16 May 2015
  2. 13:30 GMT
    16 May 2015
  3. 18:30 GMT
    16 May 2015
  4. 06:30 GMT
    17 May 2015
  5. 23:30 GMT
    18 May 2015
  6. 02:30 GMT
    19 May 2015
  7. 01:30 GMT
    21 May 2015

Be sure to tune in on BBC One UK, BBC News UK Channel, BBC World News Channel and BBC America to catch it. AudioInferno are pretty excited to see more attention directed at our thriving rock/Metal scene here in Africa.

Botswana band, Skinflint

Botswana band, Skinflint

Source: Skinflint

Check out their band page

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