Why Wont Metallica Come To Nigeria?!!!


Seriously…. no, I really am. All these nations get to be visited by all these band and they fly over Nigeria! Yes, you heard me right, they fly over our airspace. How do I know this? I know a couple of people who know a couple more people… let’s not stray away from the main topic, let’s not get tangled up on who knows what.

I’m a huge Metallica fan, since forever. 94’ to be precise. Started with the band, still riding super high with them too. I’m talking 20years plus, I think I deserve to see my fav band play in my own country. The closest thing I’ve seen to Metallica paying here was me watching Through the Never (in 3D, glorious 3D) at the cinema. I got there, with my Metallica T-shirt on, you know trying to support the troops and all. There was no queue, just me and my buddy. We got in and we knew all the songs so we sang along like little girls watching a Disney musical. It, was, mad fun. So, naturally it got me thinking, what if we had bands come here, not just Metallica, other bands. Bands better than Metallica.

While you fantasies about that, comfort yourself with this:


The answer or answers to that question up there’s simple and they vary greatly. Not going to mention them all cause we aren’t all ignorant of the obvious. It’s only natural for a band to come perform in a country with a large following of rock music lovers, not particularly lovers of the band coming to perform. NO BAND wants to play for a dead crowd or a tough crowd. If Metallica shows up here and the people who turn up for their show love 2face… well, I’d imagine that show won’t be ending too well.

What show organizer will take the risk? Like, why would they even think it?

“Oh hey, lookie this here, I’m a show promoter and I’m gonna sink millions of naira into a show which involves bringing a rock band, one of the biggest rock bands in history into a country that hasn’t fully accepted rock music yet… I’m sure to make a ton of money from this endeavor. I’m also sure the rock band will make tons of money from this endeavor too.” Said no Nigerian promoter or organizer ever.

Their end game is the money and understandably so too.

South Africa has a massive rock music community and before you even think of arguing, the black population outweighs the white population over there, so it’s NOT a race or colour thing. Just look at you…

Big bands know this, that’s why they can easily swing by South Africa (probably flying over our airspace) and jam there for a week before jetting off east or so.

Will Nigeria ever get to see a big rock band perform here? Yes. Will it happen anytime soon?



…probably. But let’s not rule that out so quickly, no?

P.S: This is just a sad fan of Metallica lamenting… Nothing spectacular here folks, keep moving.






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