Technical Progression


So I started actively listening to progressive and technical metal a few months ago. By that, I mean I went out of my way to read up on what the genre was about and look for some bands to sample. While doing so, I realized I had actually come across some songs by bands in the genre.
This is one of those sub genres of music that even metal enthusiasts I know have a hard time with.

It took me a LONG TIME to wrap my mind around the abundance of odd time signatures. unlike classic heavy metal, thrash, metalcore etc. you can just play and bob your head to, rhythmically, this sub-genre just keeps you guessing.

In some cases it’s not so mind-boggling. But in others…..Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Truth is I can’t say I am SUUPUUUUUR (/• ε •)/ into progressive and technical metal BUT, I will say that the few bands I listen to, I ENJOY. A LOT.
Why? Because It’s a refreshing experience jamming music that doesn’t follow a particular formula.

Y’all know the drill, yeah? I’m not going to talk about something without dropping samples for you guys to experience first-hand.


Hope for the Dying Lyric Video for “Iniquitous” (These guys are probably my favourite…)

Between the Buried and Me “Extremophile Elite” (LIVE)

Gojira – The Gift Of Guilt (Live at Brixton Academy, London)

The Poverty Of Ideals – Barriers: Guitar Play-through (Representing Africa, Yo!!)


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