B is for Black Veil Brides


With the lead singer (Andy Biersack) singing-rather screaming at the top of his lungs whilst being backed by the most horrendous guitar solos I’ve ever heard (courtesy of one Jake Pitts), plus drum beats that every now and again wanna make you jump off a skyscraper and into death’s cold eternal embrace. The Black Veil Brides (aka BVB) get my vote for breakout band of the decade (applause! applause!!). Wait! Wait!! I said wait dammit! Hold on to your hats, would you? This ain’t over yet, not even by a long shot because this is where it gets messy. And by messy, I mean grimy and by grimy I mean putrid and by putrid, I mean sinister and by sinister, I mean chaotic and by chaotic I mean… So like I said, hold on and stay with me for the duration of the roast (or something like it) of the Black Veil Brides…

As a band, coming up with your own personal style or sound especially when you are drawing from such great influences such as Kiss, Motley crew, Avenged Sevenfold, Def Leppard, is by no means a meagre task, it’s like sneezing and farting at the same time– it just can’t be done but like almost everything else that was once thought to be impossible, there’s an app for that now  but I ain’t going into that (at least not yet anyway). So like I said before, finding your own sound whilst drawing inspiration from great rock bands who’ve done their homework with regards to making a crowd of strangers move and sway to their own kinda music is no ordinary feat. But it would seem that the BVB have “found themselves”. With four studio albums under their belts, the BVB have proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with, sorta like when an unstoppable force comes into collision with an immovable object. Wait, it’s not really like that per se, I mean they aren’t there yet but in my opinion if they continue on this path that they have carved out for themselves, then all I see is a bright future for them as a band (that’s  if they can replace their terrible lead guitarist).

Lemme quickly mention a few things about their lyrical style. I for one have always had a soft spot for rebel movements since as far back as I can possibly bring myself to remember (which is two years ago) and I won’t be seen leading a revolt to topple a government or to ban the sale of jeggings (aka I can’t believe these aren’t yoga pants) but I just love them because they’re so witty and full of spunk; a commodity that’s in short supply in the rock music scene today thanks to heavy commercialisation on the part of singers and producers alike (and for this I blame Buhari). Hence for a band whose lyrics are filled to the brim with such fighting spirit to be of any relevance in this present day and age is nothing short of a miracle which can be attributed to all the hard work that has been put into each project that the band has embarked upon (I just wish they’d do away with their lead guitarist though).

The band’s outlook and stylization is another thing I wanna talk about but before I go on, I’d like to make a statement. Whoever’s in charge of the BVB’s wardrobe should be slapped and given a very warm handshake at the same time. Why? Just take a look at their fallen angel video and the truth shall be revealed unto thee my dear child. I like the body paint, the heavy makeup and the studded leather jackets that make up quite the spunky rebel movement attire. However, when a rebel movement attire becomes a rebel movement uniform (My Chemical Romance made this very same mistake in their welcome to the black parade project) then I guess it’s time to run to the hills to find solace. Don’t get me wrong, I love their get-ups I really do, but sometimes they tend to go a little overboard and then they end up being the conformist sorry cases they sing about in their songs (sigh).

The band members themselves each bring in their own set of unique (and sometimes not so unique) set of skills to make the group into what it has come to be known for; with Andy Biersack as lead vocals occasionally playing the piano and keyboard now and then, Jinxx on guitar and strings, Jake Pitts (guitar solos’ worst nightmare) on lead guitar, Ashley Purdy on bass and Christian “CC” Coma on drums they all culminate into one kickass (pardon my French) rock band. However, let me quickly point out that Andy’s the only original member who’s still in the group and that there have been a total of seven member changes, this is however nowhere near the highest number of member changes that a single band has had. However, there’s a saying among my people that goes thus: If you wanna enjoy pineapple you have to first take out all its nipples (or is it freckles?). Wait, I don’t think that’s right, I think the saying actually goes like this: If you wanna enjoy a cup of garri, you have to remove the groundnuts first. Yeah I think that sounds about right. Not that I think of the earlier band members as nipples in a pineapple or groundnuts in a cup of garri because the members who left had their own reasons for deciding to quit the band plus they brought their own thing to the band and I guess that’s gonna stay with the band for years to come. In essence, what I’m really saying is that the band went through quite the refining process in order for them to be where they are now and for this I’m glad (however I’m still waiting for the day when Jake and his tasteless guitar solos would be replaced with someone else maybe Terry G or anyone at all for that matter, I aint picky).


The band’s stage presence is another hot topic but I don’t think I want to delve too much into that being that I’ve never had the privilege of seeing them do their thing up close however I did read somewhere that Andy broke his ribs during one performance when he fell from a pillar. Also, he broke his nose on the drum set during yet another performance. What more would one expect from a non-conformist rebel rock band right? (Insert “rock on” smiley).

Their music according to them is basically rock and roll though critics and review blogs alike label their kind of music as falling under the following genres: glam metal, punk rock, shock rock, hard rock, melodic metal core, symphonic rock and heavy metal. However, what do I think? Well I’ve heard their first three albums (which are: We stitch these wounds [2010], Set the world on fire [2011], Wretched and divine:the story of the wild ones [2013]) and so far it’s been a pleasant ride, my favourite tracks off their works in no particular order include; perfect weapon, knives and pens, the mortician’s daughter, fallen angels, rebel love song, sweet blasphemy, we stitch these wounds, lost it all, resurrect the sun and in the end. Their third album (Wretched and divine) didn’t really do it for me however I’m hoping that their fourth album which was released in October last year would restore some of my faith. I’m not saying that it was a terrible album all I’m saying is that it didn’t really do anything for me just like how I keep telling anyone who cares to listen that Fall Out Boy’s Save rock and roll album didn’t really do anything for me. However, once I’m able to crack my neighbour’s WiFi password, I’ll download the fourth album, give it a listen and then maybe I’ll tell y’all what I think about said album. I’m however kind of excited about the album because it’s a self titled album (Black Veil Brides) and based on experience, a self titled album determines the direction a band’s gonna take in the foreseeable future so I really can’t wait to give it a good listen now that I know of its existence (don’t hold your breath!).

So I guess that about wraps it up for now, like it or not the BVB are here to stay and y’’all ought to do your ears a favour and give these badasses (again,pardon my French)  a good listen or two and please do forgive their guitar solos for Jake Pitts knoweth not what he doth. I’m going to have another crack at my neighbour’s WiFi password but in the meantime y’all be good to yourselves and don’t listen to rock bands I wouldn’t listen to :D, a big thank you goes to the entire AudioInferno crew for giving me the platform to speak my albeit perverse version of the truth, my thanks also goes out to Google and Wikipedia without which no write-up or research can be done in the world as we know it. This is your boy Boon, urging y’all to keep on rocking!!! Peace!

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