(Song Review) Burning Rain by Living Oracle


A solo. A solo that wasn’t hidden behind vocals. I’m glad as Hell I didn’t wait too long for this to happen. Perhaps I’m overly critical of anything that isn’t Metal related but I know good music. I have a bit of an idea of what should be in certain kinds of genres or sub genres too, so, sup!

LIVING ORACLE! Good stuff, jolly good stuff. I honestly don’t know what genre this is. But I’m going to leave that to you guys to decide then add that to their wiki page.

In the past I’ve always been critical about the production of rock songs in Nigeria by these so-called “producers.” Producing a rock song is way different from producing a Nigerian song. Rock fans are smart folks, they can tell when a band relied on a PC to come up with a drumline for instance. I’m drooling at the prospect of seeing these guys play live though.

Burning Rain is beautifully composed, the lyrical theme seemed to agree well with the pace of the music. Was this intentional… No really guys I want to know. Was it intentional or did you guys just happen to realize “hey, wait, this actually goes.” Hit me up, for reals, I want to know so bad. Instruments were a delight to hear, I wonder though where the bass was? It was in there someplace. I don’t think that’s a big deal though but a much louder bass guitar would have slayed.


Slayed I tell’s ya.

Now the part that got me pretty psych’d has to be the solo. As the good folks out there know a solo is an extension of the guitarist’s soul. A complicated combination of notes, working around a scale or scales with a bit of “bending,” “hammer-ons,” “pull offs” etc. This solo was all over the place, I won’t even lie. At one certain time (I’m lying it was like twice) I was a bit lost during its play through (not a compliment here.) However, solos are dynamic. There isn’t a set in stone record on how a solo should actually be and I’m no fancy professor with a tweed jacket here and a pipe.

Ayobami. O. Oluwaseyi Seayo (there is so little info on the band so I’m assuming he runs the show alone. Will do my research, I’ll have to so I apologies here) has done a good job here. And so has the producer, Titoneye Mayowa too (looking up some videos of him on YouTube, I’m on that already.) Burning Rain is a lovely song, not so sure what I will jam to it, though. (I am super honest like that.)

My rating for the song:


Here’s another Nigerian rock song to keep in your playlist folks.

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