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We here AudioInferno Towers love interviews (seriously guys can’t you tell?) You throw us an interview with an African rock band and we do dog tricks like a faithful lackey. We also love to interview bands that aren’t exactly classified as “regular.” We know, regular is boring, we don’t like boring, you don’t like boring! Good, awesome, sweet! We are clearly on the same page.  So, naturally we decided to up the notch a little and score us an interview with this little (huge), calm (insanely abnormal) band called DIE AGENDA. What do you know about Afrikaans Metal (or Metaal, take a pick). Chances are not much. However, I’ll tell you this, it’s a thing and it’s loud and furious.

AudioInferno: Hey guys, thank you for having us interview you, tell the guys out there a little something about yourself.

Die AgendA: We’re just a couple of ugly guys playing instruments together, pretending that it sounds good. Our band is called Die AgendA, we are an Afrikaans Metal band from Bloemfontein in South Africa.

AI: We did a bit of digging around see and we realized you guys are as normal as they get so, curiosity peaks here, how did you guys get to forming Die AgendA?

DAA: Jaco and I were playing some guitar together, we were recording riffs to make a funny metal song, after it was written we liked what came out and decided to write some more serious lyrics for the song and get André in on vocals. It ended up being “Die Hemeruim Konvulse”….The song was initially about pizza.

AI: That’s pretty funny and cool. Inspired by any bands?

DAA: There’s really so many, big ones are Slayer, Bloodbath, Leprous, Cattle Decapitation, Mayhem, Behemoth and lots of Black Metal.  Then locally we are all big fans of Fokofpolisiekar.

AI: Anything else inspires you guys?

DAA: Drums, drugs and hospital drips.

AI: Interesting answer, that. So when was your first ever gig? A live gig with real people and not action figures? And also what was your ambition when you started?

DAA: I think our first show was back in 2012 if I’m not mistaken.  We formed in 2011 and I (Marius) was basically programming drums for the songs, then in 2012 we got Stefan Britz in on drums and then played later in the year.

Ambition? Drink beer, have fun, die.

AI: Now, I’m hoping to have a beer with you guys before we all die. Adding that to my long ass to-do-list, right… Who writes the song here, all of you or none of you?

DAA: The writing is mainly between me (Marius) and Jaco.  We’ll record some riffs together then I’ll put together a structure and program some rough drum beats and Jaco will write lyrics.  We’ll then sort out the rest in the band room.

AI: Now we are certain all you guys don’t all stay in the same house, you all probably stay in different places, tell us a little about that as well as the entire band set up…

DAA: We all grew up in Bloemfontein, but since then most of us have moved away so we’re pretty much in Potch, Bloem and Cape Town now. Jaco Pearson writes some of the songs as well as most of the lyrics and themes overall of the band, plays guitar. Marius Coetzee (myself) composes the songs and plays guitar. André Ludik does vocals and writes lyrics and then finally Stefan Britz blasts the shit out of the drums.

AI: Why Afrikaans Metal though, we honestly have to ask again and what’s the theme behind your songs?

DAA: Well we all listen to metal and we are all Afrikaans so it just made sense for us to do this, it was something refreshing as well. Our songs are a reflection of the state of our country and about existentialism.  Personally a song has to have a message, there’s no point in having nice sounding songs just to have songs

AI: So, any album yet?

DAA: We don’t, we’ve got a demo out and we’ve got a few songs in the pipeline, but getting everyone together is a bit of a mission at the moment so things are going slowly.

AI: Quick question coming in super-fast; Best and worst gig played?

DAA: They’ve all been great so far.

AI: LUCKY! Walks us through a song composition here.

DAA: It usually starts with Jaco and I getting together with a beer or 2 and throwing around some ideas, we then record it and afterwards I will sit and compose the songs, add some rough drums just to get the feel and then send it out to the other guys to get some feedback.  All of that is pretty much the first step.

AI: So, I know all bands have big issues, what’s your bands biggest issue or problem or obstacle or…or…or…?

DAA: Scheduling and making time for the band, having a band is like dating 4 people at once.  Not an easy task to pull off if you really want to make something of it.

AI: You’re right, it’s kinda like dating your buddies, being in a band.We have a hunch here, you guys have other priorities asides music, yes?

DAA: Yeah we all do other stuff as well, metal don’t pay no bills.

AI: I want to ask a pretty serious question about the music industry. Some folks call it a plague others call it their right, still it’s always interesting to hear or read the views of artists or bands alike. How do you guys feel about people downloading your music (or anyone else’s) instead of buying them?

DAA: Well I think the music industry has changed and people should accept it and not fight against it, I’m not saying everyone should just download and not care, I just believe that energy of complaining could be used finding a solution.

AI: I get the feeling some folks will disagree with this sort of answer but coming from a pretty good place, you guys just love to play and want to be heard, just like any band, with that, I believe your answer is justified. After saying that, any pearls of wisdom for all other bands out there?

DAA: We’re still searching for them pearls.

AI: Right. Well, it was lovely having you here on AudioInferno.

DAA: It was great being here. Thanks.

And there you have it folks, you know about Die AgendA now. You need access to their music? Look down below yo. Looking forward to having them here on Audio Inferno again… really though, I wanna have a beer with them. What do y’all think of their music?


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