Laced With Lightning (Demo) by Axl.

So, the setting’s a normal, rainy ass day and I had to play something on the guitar for kicks. Finally decided to put my pride aside and get my hands on a drum machine. Fiddled with it for a moment then I came up with this super easy and straightforward drum line.

Obviously, I needed a riff to go with it and I think I delivered here. For those who know me, I love my Metal fast, as a Speed Metal fanatic, speed is everything for me so, playing this slow is a bit new. But a shit ton of fun. The idea here is simple guys, watch the video below, try it out. Sample if you will. Add your own riff to this or a solo to, hell, add a different drum beat if you must, the basic idea? Let’s see you make this here better.

NOTE: This is a demo. Not a perfect or complete representation of the final work, so, chill the fudge out.

Cheers, enjoy.


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