(Album Review) The Other Side of the Sky

From the other side of the sky

Picture yourself here. You are on a space mission and everything’s going swimmingly. You just broke the atmosphere, you’re in orbit heading for Mars. You and your crew of six fellow astronauts are about to make history. You guys know it and you can taste the victory champagne already then… it happens. The red beeper on your console flashes. It means trouble. Before you know it, your boosters are out. No more thrust for the ship so you guys are floating in space now. Sucks doesn’t it. IF this happened to you, From The other Side of the Sky by Rocker (check our last post on them here) would be the theme song of EVERY MOMENT you spend in space. From the moment you feel the ship vibrate, to the moment where everything goes tits up, to the moment you wait for a rescue crew, to the moment you realize they may never come for you…. Damn.

I am super new to the idea of a “concept album” which is actually embarrassing seeing as I’m mental for the album Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Yes folks, that’s a concept album but this isn’t a class folks, I won’t waste any time talking about what it is. It’s so hard really, listening to the entire album and not thing of space or anything space related:

The Jetsons.

Invader Zim.

Wait, not that last one… ignore that last one guys.

Here is my impression of the album as a whole: “The Other Side of the Sky is a trip, a venture into the unknown of a typical concept album or the deep and dark of space.”

The album is more instrument focused though, sometimes, it felt like the lyrics in some songs weren’t really needed. I mean the instruments did the instrumenting and the singing (did I say that right?). Major props to how the guitar wailed. A lot of digital effects went in here. NOT A FAN of that but I’ll admit it was well used because of the general theme of the album, well-played. I want to talk about all the instruments used on this album but I will limit it to the guitar. Now, as a guitar player myself (not a pro) I found myself wondering how they came up with the tone the guitar had. DELAY effect placed on 1 o’clock? I really want to know. The use of what I presume was FLANGER on song Spaceman was perfectly used (didn’t like that the song seemed to end abruptly somewhat, no sir I did not.) The effects used for the guitar on all the songs went perfectly for the space theme I spoke of earlier.

Makes me wonder though, about the true story the album tries to communicate to the listeners. For me it’s the venture into space, for someone else, it could be them living as a space bounty hunter (I’m thinking that ass-hole in Star Wars, pick anyone of ’em really.) I especially love that the story wasn’t forced on my mind or ears but I was given the chance to think up my story. As vast as space is, the stories one can think up for the album are endless perhaps, no?

Five songs to think (not only listen to) about here and I already have my favourites. Each song doesn’t seem too distant from the other though, which works well with the story you might think up for the album. The song Contact feels like “the” trip through space and the song Spaceman is more lyrically driven than the other songs. A lot to sing along to there too. One of the songs in the album I wasn’t so thrilled about though, it had a funk like way about it, I suspect people will love this song but not me.

This album makes me feel like a journeyman. I love that. It may do the same for the rest of you or not, meh. Spending money on the album is a yes, too. It won’t hurt to shove out money for this, it’ll actually feel right if you did. You wonder if the album will be replayed time and time again when it pops on your playlist, I think it will. Played the entire album a dozen times but you aren’t me are you? I’ll let you decide.

Side note: Seriously, what is up with that album art? not so impressive but I guess Rocker went with the simplicity thing. a bit too simple if you ask me. I hope they change it though.

My rating for the album:


This space venture is well worth it.


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