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How am I supposed to classify this EP? Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal? Dystopian Order is a very strange album, but ironically, unlike many records that have received this label, it isn’t really all that good. A strange mixture indeed, with new age thrash forming the core, heavily distorted guitars and down tuned guitars and deep growls and screams enforcing a new Death metal feel, and some use of the minor and major pentatonic scale and rehashed riffing in some songs that kind of make them sound uninspired and recycled.  From their shows and live performances, Melodic guitar riffs have always been Bile of Man’s strong point. In their early days, Bile of Man’s distinct and technically proficient riffs and resounding solos were courtesy of Gustaf Erasmus, who joined the band at the early stage. Nicolas Sothmann, the rhythm man who later joined the band is also talented, as he shows on this EP, though he comes nowhere near matching Gustaf in his skill. ‘The Return’ is certainly one of the better tracks off this EP. A whole seven minutes is dedicated to this track and I must say I’m impressed that Bile of Man could do a seven minute song. The first riff is complicated and technical, yet plodding along slowly at the same time. Everything here fits well, and the vocals are complementary to the music. The guitarists make effective use of the pedal and other effects, harmonization, and just plain inspiration. It brings that creeping sensation to the table that the previous three tracks hinted at, but just couldn’t deliver.

Unfortunately, the album is greatly held back by the execution of its greatest assets. Much of the experimenting was very sloppy and uncoordinated leading to a cringe factor that hits one almost as unexpectedly as the implementation itself. The clean singing with chanting often sounds like it was recorded in the span of a few minutes, leading to a terrible lack of blending and a clash of sounds. Some instances to avoid are the terrible deep shouting on ‘Mouth of Madness’. The horrid attempt at adding unique dimensions to the music manages to balance out the excellent ones fairly evenly. Lucky for Bile of Man, the instrumental variations of the music slightly dominate making for a strange yet enjoyable listen. If you are a true Death Metal fan, then I can tell you that your brain might implode on listening to this EP. This is a must-have for any Death Metal fan looking to explore African Death Metal Bands, and something that is at least worth exploring for Death metal fans in general.

Recommended Tracks:

  • The Return
  • Tortured Till Death



  • A basis of raw, essential black metal
  • Original and inspiring



  • Terrible executions of some vocals
  • Definite instances that are painful to listen to
  • Poor experimenting of instruments


Final verdict:

Download the full EP HERE

Do also check out our Bile Of Man band page for more details on the band as well as our interview with them.

Give the EP a listen, download and share your thoughts.

Seyi Obe

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