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It’s us again at AudioInferno towers always giving you what you wanna know about ROCK BANDS IN AFRICA !!! .So we decided to interview a band from Southern Africa, the land of the legendary African walking safari which is ZAMBIA .

AUDIOINFERNO: What’s the name of your band?

STASIS PREY: Hi Austin From,the band’s name is Stasis Prey.

AI: Loool,I dint get a name Bro and Stasis prey,awesome band name

SP: Oh, this is Tu Melo and thanks

AI: Tu Melo,cool so how was your band formed?

SP: Band was formed by me, after taking an indefinite hiatus from my earlier Deathcore project, Fundamental Element. I recruited Lerato to the band after having worked together on a few of his solo projects and struck up a friendship and musical understanding. A few months later Lerato invited former band member (The Ghost of Samurai Guns) and long time friend Chana to play lead guitar and bam, Stasis Prey was formed!

AI: That is dope so Tu melo can you tell me about your band Stasis Prey?

SP: Stasis Prey was formed as an avenue to explore a different sound with emphasis on abstract lyrics with a positive message, that’s pretty much all in a nutshell.

So Tu melo has bailed yo,so Josh is here.

AI: So Josh where are your band members from and what are the roles of each person in the band?

SP: We are all from Lusaka Zambia and i play guitar in the band, Tu melo is our vocalist and Blende is our Bassist/Keyboard player [Josh]

AI: Not so bad ,when you begun what was the ambition of the band?

SP: Pretty much to play as much as we wanted to at as many places as possible and mostly have fun!

AI: Fun is good,So if they told you to explain your music to someone that haven’t heard you,CAN YOU?

SP: Yes we could

So Tu melo is back again so who writes the song,and writes the lyrics?

SP: I write most of the songs… Josh and Lerato write/compose most of the music… but we all equally contribute to building up a song in its infancy. We work together, so it’s generally a team effort..

AI: Team effort is needed in your lives and mine, necessary so who has the best sense of humour in the band?

SP: We all have our days.

AI: Lol,yea right so what genre do you play ?

SP: Alternative Metal and Post Grunge

AI: Good genres so why did you pick that genre and what are your songs all about?

SP: It’s the most innovative genre to me and most of our songs are about emotive and worldly themes.

AI: Lol..that was short so any albums yet?

SP: Not yet..jest demos.

AI: Do you have any clips on You tube?

SP: Yeah we do, should be clips of our first and second shows on there. You can check them out by searching for us on YouTube .. Simply key in then boom”Stasis Prey”

AI : Boom here comes the boiz from the so how old were you and what got you started in music?

SP: Lol, I was 17, Started out as a rap Rock artist… I couldn’t sing so I’d rap and scream/growl .. I formed a rap rock metal duet group called Lycans Fate with long time Friend and Current Glitch Guitarist Daliso aka Skeptik’s.. But soon put it on hold to form a Christian Deathcore Metal band called Fundamental Element.. But being in a Christian band people always expect you to do things in a certain way and live up to certain standards… Sorta put us in a box , so I quit that too…. And then formed Stasis Prey..

AI: Josh is here again, Tu melo gone so at what age did you start playing?

SP: 16[Josh]

AI: Nice, how old were you when you first stood on stage?

SP : Well, I should’ve been about 10 or 11 I think.

AI: Pretty young, so what year did the band start?

SP : 2013.

AI: So Best/worst gig you have played?

SP : Worst Gig played was new years eve 2014/2015 here in lsk. Sound system was terrible that I couldn’t use my pedal so I had to play my riffs clean.

AI: Riffsss,would like to give yours a listen so which places will you be playing in the immediate future?

SP: We are only looking at places from within our radius at the moment. soo local Venues, pretty much.

AI: So Is it always the same song live?

SP: Not really changes every show depending how many we are to do.

AI: Cool,your crowd at this moment,gimme a Number ?

SP: So far, fairly at least not more than 200.

AI: 200, dats a number for a start so any plans for the rest of the year?

SP: This year we plan on recording our album ‘Sanguine’ and have as many gigs as we can.

AI: Oh..cant wait for it so where do you usually play?

SP: Currently only within and Around Lusaka Zambia.

AI: So how do you get psyched up for a gig?

SP: I usually workout (push ups) or something to get myself psyched,if that doesn’t work grab a beer [Josh].

AI: Loool, keep working out,it keeps your heat pumping bruh so what are your goals with your music?

SP: To just keep playing Austin, no down-set goals or Rockstar dreams to chase here, as long as we get to play for people and get some frustrations out or just jam out, rock out and have fun doing it we’re happy.

AI: *Rock out and have fun doing it we’re happy* when did you decide to go all in for music?

SP: I’ve always subconsciously wanted to do music ever since I discovered it as a kid and well still here.

AI: Does your  inspiration come from olden bands Or modern bands?

SP: Definitely older bands, that was a time and era of innovation and great music!

AI: Wont lie..same too  so what  are your sources of inspiration?

SP: The bands we listen to, the current state of the modern world.. but mainly Emotive phases.

AI: Cool, so how do you feel about the downloading of music rather than buying of albums?

SP: Well downloading has its perks in the sense that music can easily be discovered and acquired.. but the downside and Reality’s that a lot of bands aren’t “raking” it in, if you know what I mean. the only way to make money’s by touring and selling out shows and band merch… which also takes alot of time and money.. soo the feeling’s neutral.

AI: Besides your own music,what genre and bands do you listen to?

SP: Well besides Grunge and Metal?.I listen to Indie Rock, Shoegaze, trip hop, abstract and indie rap… innovative and experimental stuff basically.

AI: Lmaoo, indie rock, its cool tho so when you are stage,what do you fear most then?

SP : Losing my voice completely and crapping my pants.

AI: Crapping your pants , LOL, so any project you have partaken in?

SP: Yeah. like I mentioned earlier… I was part of a Christian Deathcore metal band called Fundamental Element.. Chana and I are also part of a Supergroup Nu metal, Hardcore Punk band called Glitch.

AI: How important are your fans

SP: Very important,without them there’s no us.

AI: What’s the funniest thing a fan has done for you?

SP: This one drunk dude wanted us to replay “overcast” after we had just played it.. but he didn’t know the song title… dude was swearing and stuff .. out of excitement of course…it was hilarious.

AI: Lmaooooo, swearing for what now, I’ve actually listened to Overcast ,its worth swearing for so how often do you rehearse?

SP: We try to meet up at least once every weekend on Saturdays to rehearse.

AI: Where do you guys rehearse?

SP: A place called Ng’ombe in Lusaka Zambia.. a friend of ours has rehearsal space over there.

AI: Name two of your own songs you like at the moment?

SP: ‘Overcast’ and ‘Rage Against the Regime’.

AI: Overcast , nice track yo!! so describe your show, visually and musically?

SP: Well we are still pretty new so visually we don’t have any big time stuff going on to being theatrical but I’m pretty sure we are fun to watch .. at least from an audience’s perspective. Musically we are loud, Heavy and Exciting… at least that’s what I’ve been told.

AI: The music industry of today so how do you view it?

SP: It’s disgusting and horrendous … the mediocre and lack luster artists plus sellout record labels have outnumbered the conscience and true artists… it’s a sad sight .. but there’s no sugar coating it.. Death To The Current Music Industry!

AI: Meehn, lil bit of harsh, lol so what are the biggest obstacles for a band?

SP: I guess the fact that not too many people are open minded enough to embrace our style of music and hence we can’t live off of it in this country… but we love it… gives us something to prove ourselves to… also.. that we don’t have a car/van and a full on band equipment set,well at least not yet.

AI: Okies so how would you describe your sound ?

SP: Raucous guitar sound and High distorted vocal delivery with heavy drums and Bass!

AI: What’s your pre show ritual?

SP: Our pre-show ritual is pretty much us looking at each other and going, “you ready?!”..

AI: What do you feel is the best live band you have seen?

…..Guys care to answer this one? Lerato Johannes Joshua Chilepa

SP: ‘Trust Undone’ a band from Namibia who were also the first live band I saw. 

Thanks Josh and Tu melo,  awesome talking to you guys so there’s the interview, y’all now know the boiz from the south, Stasis Prey and about the pre ritual ish, you can’t jest look at your band mates and saying, let’s do this. You need some beer and dancing around the fire singing heee haaa… LOL


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