Noob Rocker Plays Dark Souls II

Skippy Duran (or Axl or AxlPif, pick one) here guys. If you know me then you know I game a lot. I consider myself a proud gamer and I have earned my strips among other gamers. Huge respect to my fellow gaming buddies out there. Played a lotta games but none like The Dark Souls series. As of this time this post was made, From Software announced they will be releasing Dark Souls 3 next year, early 2016. So i freaked out. The Dark Souls series both Part 1 and 2 are the best games I have played and I have played a lot over different consoles.

So in a way to pay tribute to the game recorded myself dying a lot in the game. It isn’t an easy game and it’s cleverly designed to get you killed over and over again, so, enjoy the video guys.


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