Minority For the Masses Do A “Tell All.”

I love the name already. It makes me want to make sense of it. The name makes me curious. So naturally I made moves to quench my curiosity thirst.

Minority for the Masses.

I feel I need to call the band name again. Somebody stop me please… Minority for the Masses x 1000. There with that out-of-the-way, we can mosey along now. For you lovers of Hard Rock/ Alternative Rock and Punk out there you need to pay attention to these guys here. Sweet 4-piece band with a kick that’s just right. The band makes me wanna punch a hole in the air, rebellious teen style. We just had to have an interview with them. The band’s set up’s simple really:

Jon Perry (Guitar / Vocals,) Jake Blackwell (Guitar / Vocals,) Matthew Baxter (Bass,) Jarred Baney (Drums.) the band was formed  in the beginning of 2011 , With Jon and Jake finding Jarred and Matt through mutual friends. Good thing too, that union in 2011 gave birth to awesome! When asked about the band here’s what they had to say:

“We just 4 guys who like to rock out and have a good time, playing a brand of music that speaks to us all about the agonies and ecstasy’s of being alive in this crazy world.”

Simple guys really huh. When asked about their ambitions they gave a pretty straight forward answer that got us thinking long (not going to follow that with “and hard.”)

“To create a new music style in our country, to play as many places as possible and mostly just to have fun!

Our ambitions are first to create a style of music that we all enjoy , that has energy, passion and power. We have been told by fans and friends that our music is a bit unique in the way that not many bands are doing or have a style of Rock / Punk that like we are doing , and ultimately we would love to try get our music out to as many people as possible be played on radio ( we have had some of our music aired on some local and overseas based radio stations ) or any other media and hopefully play all the great venues and festivals in our country ( we have succeeded in this task a fair bit so far and if we get a chance to tour or be recognized overseas that would be amazing as well.”

So dig this guys, they had their very first gig was at a 30th birthday party of Jarred Baney’s brother in Ballito in KZN and their latest gig was on the main stage at Splashy Fen Festival in 2015 in Underberg in KZN too. These guys are bros to the core, turns out Jarred and Matt are the jokers in the band, every band needs a joker to liven things up a little. So, you’re probably wondering who writes the music for the band huh?

“Our music is a very collaborative, everybody contributes to the writing process, and Jon and Jake have written music together since their high school days. We normally get all the music and arrangements down first and then brainstorm the lyrics.”

Minority for the Masses HAS an album out already, a self-titled album too. We have listened to it (Album Review is incoming) and you have to also. It’s worth your time. Listening to the album it got us thinking though, why this particular style and their themes?

“…guess it comes down to our influences, everything from classic rock, to grunge, metal, punk etc. We chose to do a Punk energy Rock inspired kind a music style cause of the Rad energy it gives of when we play live .Our songs lyrically range from all topics about life and living , about standing up for yourself , to relationships , to drinking tequila and having some hair of the dog the next day that bit you (laughs.)”

I tell you this the simplicity of these guys gets to you. We wanted to know some more so we did a little digging. They have a couple of noteworthy videos on YouTube, you guys might want to go see that. We soon decided to get a bit personal (that’s just a watered down way of saying “nosey’) and we asked how old they were and what got them into music anyway:

 “We all in our Early 30’s, For Jon, his father got him into music and classic rock at young age via his great vinyl collection, Jake’s father was a singer in rock bands when he was still in his moms womb, Matt’s dad played guitar and was musical and Jarred’s dad played drums to ironically, so It is in our DNA we guess.”

A family of musicians you could say and you would be right.

Turns out though, they have a ton of gigs lined up for the year mostly in the good city of Johannesburg so NO, they won’t be coming to Nigeria this year which makes me terribly saddened, but hey, who know, AudioInferno could make it happen next year guys, watch this space, I can’t see the headlines now:


We can dream can’t we? Really though, these guess are the hopeful bunch, they’ve played for a crowd of bout a hundred and they have their heads up. That doesn’t bug them really, they know where they want to be so they have their eyes forward and they’re up comers, they have their eyes firmly fixed forward, a lot of bands can learn from them. When asked bout how they get juiced up before a show or gig they said:

“(Laughs) it just happens naturally we normally have a beer or 2 to grease the joints so to speak before we hit the stage (laughs), and a shooter  maybe…  A beer and a shooter for any nerves”

Asking about their sources of inspiration, they named the usual suspect (and Metallica.) Talking bout bands like:

  “Well if we all had to pick a certain top 2 bands or artists on top of our “ likes “ list for Jon it’s probably Jimi Hendrix / Deftones, Jake – Nirvana / Offspring , Matt – Korn / Led Zepplin, Jarred – Metallica / AC/DC”

Turns out Jarred is my kinda guy then. Now we asked them a really serious question. As we know a lot has been said about the problem of downloading songs online as opposed to buying it. The way we see it may not alter the natural order of thing still, it’s always fun to get to hear what an actual band has to say about the issue:

“Well in the digital age it’s the reality of how things are done these days , though we sell physical copies of our music and still buy albums physically if we like the band , but it is a digital age.”

They kind of dodged the question there didn’t they? Which may be the right move really. It’s such a touchy topic in the music industry and it should be too. These bands work hard, really hard for their songs to get out there, you shouldn’t be surprised if they come out guns blazing if they feel folks aren’t paying for what they may have spent long hours working on. We asked what their greatest fear was for the future and what they fear most on stage:

“That Rock music is no longer liked or appreciated, even though admittedly at the moment it is suffering in comparison to dance music, but really a good old-fashioned live gig where a band is rocking still tops any DJ playing songs of his lap top in our opinion.”

And about what they fear most:

“(Laughs), well if we make mistakes when playing our songs, (laughs.)”

Honestly though, every rock band would dread this. Think about it, bad equipment, horrid sound system, forgetting the lyric to a song you sang a billion times, forgetting the riffs, forgetting your cue. The mistakes go on and on. Just imagine for a second you were in a band and it happened to you. NOT COOL BRO! AT ALL.

So, a bunch of guys having fun with their band so naturally, we wondered what they do other than playing in the band:

“Jon is a farmer of potatoes, Jake is a steel tube sales rep, Matt is in Construction, Jarred runs his own blinds and furniture company.”

They seem pretty well set up really. At this point we asked the band a couple of random questions like:

AudioInferno: What’s the funniest/most memorable thing a fan has done for you? 

Minority for the Masses:  Ummm, hmmm well other than saying they like us or buying merch , or a few rounds of drinks , nothing really pops to mind (laughs.)

AI: How often do you rehearse?

MFTM: At least one full weekend every 2 weeks, we live in different parts of KZN.

AI: Where do you rehearse?

MFTM: We have been rehearsing at Jon’s house on the farm he works at in the mid-lands, but we are looking for a new rehearsal space, as he is leaving there shortly.

AI: Name 2 of your own songs you like at the moment?

MFTM: That is tough one …. 2 of our new ones Punk It Up and Beast and the Gun.

AI: What do you feel is the best live band you’ve seen?

MFTM: That’s even a tougher question, there are so many great bands in this country.

AI: What drives a band that isn’t all that famous and renowned to try to make a living on their music and to keep playing? 

MFTM: One word “Passion “, passion and love for the music we play.

You see that folks, random questions, we really couldn’t help ourselves here. When asked to describe their sound in one sentence, they said:

“A powerful surge of sonic rocking energy.”

We sampled a couple of their songs and they speak the true-true here guys. So, finally we wanted to end the interview with something we feel people struggle with. We asked them what the biggest obstacle for the band was and their answer was deep:

“Money! Quite simply… Money for gear, petrol, food, getting merchandise made, CDs being made etc., Being in a band is like an expensive hobby especially in the beginning -until or if you lucky enough to make enough money from it to cover such expenses.”

And there you have it folks. A couple of simple dudes doing simple but insane music. Makes you wonder what you can do when you get a bunch of bros and ladies together who share a similar love for a genre of rock music… AHHHHH, yes, bet you’re wondering why you don’t have you’s a band now huh? Be sure to check out their self-titled album guys, support the troops! Click HERE for the link to it too.


Album review will be released soon. Stay tuned to AudioInferno for more.


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